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Online Software Store

Online Software Store

The online software store is a web application which is designed and developed to help the customers to download various applications and softwares. The main objective of this system is to make available the various softwares and applications in one particular place. In the proposed system different android applications, iOS applications and softwares can be downloaded by the customer. There are two users of this system that is admin and customer. The admin can add the variety of softwares to the store. The customers or the visitors of the web page can view the various applications and if they wish to download the software they have to register and login to the system. The admin is one who manages the entire webpage and monitors all the users as well as the activities of the webpage.

The proposed system is very helpful in the case when the customer need to download various different softwares and applications. The customers doesn’t have to search in different websites as the proposed system Online Software Store provides all categories of applications in one particular website. This makes the customers easier to search and download which ever software or applications they need it can be iOS applications android applications or Microsoft applications and also windows softwares and various other softwares. Hence the web application Online software store is a efficient project as it makes the customers view various apps and download them free of cost.

Languages to be used:

  • Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Back End: PHP
  • Database: MySQL database

Scope and Features of Online Software Store

  • The customers must register to the website by entering all their details. What’s the registration is successful they can login to the web page.
  • Customer can update their profile details and also they can change their password details.
  • Customers can view the various applications or soft wares based on different categories.
  • The customer can view the particular application in detail and then they can proceed with downloads.
  • Customers can also provide their feed backs and comments related to the applications they have downloaded.
  • The admin of the web page can add the various categories. On these categories the different applications/soft wares will be uploaded by the admin.
  • The admin can view the customers and they can also edit or delete the customer details.
  • The admin has the authority to manage the website as they can view all the downloads done by different customers.

Users of the project

  • Admin: The one who manages the entire website. Admin monitors all the activities that happens in the web page and also monitors customer accounts.
  • Customer: The customer is the one who can download the various soft wares and applications uploaded in the website.

Modules of Online Software Store

  • Dashboard module: The dashboard module is available when the admin logs in to the website. It includes the list of all the records that are available in the database.
  • Admin module: Admin is the one who manages the entire website and also has the full authority over all the activities of the online software store. The admin monitors the other users of the website.
  • Customer module: Customer must register by entering all the details. Once the registration is successful they can login to the web page by entering valid login credentials.
  • Category module: in this module, admin can add the various categories. The category includes the name of the category, image and description about the category.
  • Software/App module: In this module, the admin can add the different soft wares and applications by selecting particular category. This includes the download link that is the APK file which is needed to download any software.
  • Download module: Download module includes all the download records of various customers. The customers can view the downloads made by them and the admin can view the downloads done by various customers.
  • Feedback module: In this module, the customers can give the feed backs and comments regarding the applications and soft wares downloaded by them. The admin can view the feed backs and comments made by the customers.


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  • Download link contains 100% Working Source code with complete project documentation.

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