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Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System

The project Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System which provides an easy way to automate all functionalities involved managing leaves and Payroll for the employees of Company, but also to provide full functional reports to management of Company with the details about usage of leave facility.

Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System is a necessity for all businesses and organizations. An attendance management system is software that tracks the working hours of employees. It does precise time tracking for attendance, breaks, the time off taken, clock in and clock out, by your employee. Based on present schedules, payrolls for all employees are built up and wages are calculated accordingly. Leaves and attendance are calculated in the system as per entries, and employee wages are calculated taking these leaves into account. Payrolls are managed with due diligence, ensuring that employees are paid correctly and paid what they are owed.

Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System

Employee Payroll and Attendance Management System

This project handles employee salary records depending on their attendance. This system calculates daily attendance of the employee. Currently we have created attendance system manually in this. In future we upgrade this to RFID based attendance system or finger print based attendance. Following technologies will help to track the Login time and logout time of the employee. The salary module has Bonus , basic, TA , DA and deductions of PF, ESI.

This project has 5 modules that is:

  • Master module
  • Employee module
  • Search module
  • Attendance module
  • Salary module
  • Reports module

Software Requirements:

  • Project Category: RDBMS
  • Front End: VB.Net
  • Back End: Ms SQL Server

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4
  • RAM: 512MB or more

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