Project name is Leave Management System developed using VB.NET and Microsoft Access which will manage employee absence and calculate leave accruals. This system will track the no of leaves taken by the employees of company. This software is very useful for HR Team for tracking and managing employee absence, leave, Over time and attendance. This software accurate tracks leaves and the leave balance automatically updated. Even you can customize this project according to your company policy. This automated leave managment software is very easy to use and it will save your time and it will increase the efficiency.
 Leave Management System

Leave Management System

Project ID : 041120110708
Project Features :

holidays and common holidays can be set by the administrator. We have given setting option to create holidays and common holidays.

Attendance Entry – Login time and logout time for attendance entry 

Leave Entry – If the employee is absent then it has provision to enter absent records.

Attendance Chart and Reports – This will create chart and it generates report month wise, day wise, employee wise, department wise, etc.

Different kinds of Leave in this software:
The following kinds of leave shall be admissible to the members of the staff of this software.
1. Casual Leave. (CL) – This can be taken half days also. Sundays and Government holidays not be counted as casual leave
2. Special Casual Leave.(SCL)
3. Special Leave (SL)
4. Earned Leave (EL)
5. Vacation (Only for academic staff)
6. Half Pay Leave (HPL)
7. Commuted Leave
8. Leave Not Due (LND)
9. Extra-ordinary Leave (EOL)
10. Maternity Leave
11. Adoption Leave
12. Paternity Leave
13. Hospital Leave
14. Sabbatical Leave
15. Study Leave

Project Category: RDBMS

Project type:  Student project / Study project / Academic project

Front End: Vb.Net

Back End: Microsoft Access

Minimum Software Requirements
Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft Access Driver 2003

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Dhruvin Sukhadiya
8 years ago

really amazing……!!!!!!!!!

Patrick Maina
8 years ago

where is the db?

Vinod J
Vinod J
8 years ago

How to implement i have downloaded project and have installed visual studio 2008 and SQL server 2008 Please help

sania kanwal
sania kanwal
4 years ago
Reply to  Vinod J

From where u downloaded plz share the link

8 years ago

leave managment system in avaible?

omm jay jagdish
omm jay jagdish
7 years ago

for software projects visit

1 year ago

How I can download it