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Mosque Management Software Application

Mosque Management Software Application

The main objective of Mosque Management Software Application project is to develop the software to keep the record of all the management of Mosque i.e., Membership Details, Monthly Collection, Rental Collection, Issuing of Marriage Certificate, Keeping records of unmarried members and taking report of Income Collected. The proposed system will reduce the manual calculation and also save the time to search any records.

This Application works in Multiple PC’s installed on multiple Computers but sharing same database by which users of different department can use it sitting at different locations simultaneously.

Project Category:

  • Stand-alone software

Programming Language:

Software Requirements:

  • .NET  Framework  3.5
  • Windows XP and above
  • Programming language VB.Net
  • Database: SQL Server

Modules of Mosque Management Software Application

  • Membership: Project module includes the Jamath Members and Committee members. In this module we can add new Jamath members as well as Committee members.
  • Income: Income module includes all the income collected that is Monthly Collection, Rental Collection, Auction Collection, and Running Collection. In this module we can add new income and take a print out.
  • Expense: Expense module includes adding new expense done by mosque.
  • Student: Student module includes adding the student details of the Mosque. It also includes issuing the Transfer Certificate for the students and take the print out of it.
  • Configuration: Configuration module include adding new user to use the software, adding or updating Mosque information.
  • Report: Report module include taking the income and expense depending on date. Case report is also generated based on dates.


  • Reduces Time Consumption
  • Very Efficient
  • This system will reduce manual work, calculations and will also provide periodic reports any time.

Future Scope of the Software:

  • In future this project can be made online so that all the members can view the details or update about the mosque.

Download Mosque Management Software Application

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