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Online Recruitment Site

Online Recruitment Site

This Online recruitment site is for Job seekers and job provider. Job seeker searches jobs in job site, and recruiter posting job offers. Here we explained brief idea of this project. Hope it is very useful for your student project. Admin can easily monitor the number of users, jobs, categories, payment history from user friendly responsive admin panel. Using our job portal PHP script, Employers will be able to post jobs on the website by adding the details of the job and the skills required.

Jobseekers can search for jobs on the website using various categories like location, experience etc. They can see details of the job, save them for later viewing and can apply for the job if they are qualified. Jobseeker can also add a cover letter while applying for a job using php job script. User can easily create or update their CV’s by selecting the suitable format. Admin can activate, deactivate, edit and delete the information of any employer and Job seekers.

Used Technologies and Server Requirements

  • Front End : PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Back End : MySQL
  • Browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc
  • Design – HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
  • Database – MySQL
  • Server – Apache
  • Language – PHP, AJAX, jQuery

Employers can view the list of Jobseekers that have applied for a particular job and can interview them or accept their application using Online Recruitment Site. Once the application is accepted by the employer, he can send him an email informing the same. Jobseekers can also create their CV on the website so that their information is presented to the employers in a better way.

Jobseeker can send their details directly to the job company or they can attached a cover letter along with their application. They can edit add or delete their cover letter from the profile. The information about the jobseeker will go from his profile to the employer that he is applying the job for.

Our Online job portal has all the key features like it allows Job seekers to search for jobs and also allows to post their resumes and allows employers to post the jobs and view the list of Job-seekers who applied for their job requirements.

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  1. this project is not work in my system its throw 404 error… help me

  2. how to download online job portal project plz plz informed me???

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