Web Based Claim Processing System

Web Based Claim Processing System

Web Based Claim Processing System (WCPS) is complete end to end solution to cover all aspects of online claim and reimbursement system. In this site employee can fill the form online and he can submit the necessary document for claim processing department through online. This website will permit to enter new claim, track the claim status and maintaining master information. Employees are the main users of this system and management can approve or reject the claim requests sent by employee.

Web Based Claim Processing System

  • Provides complete web site solution, including employee registration, enter new claim, approve/ reject claim. Complete web based administration.
  • The employees of all departments can use this system.
  • The Web Based Claims Processing System can automatically display pending claim count in the main page of employee of Claims Processing Department (CPD).
  • Employee can view their claim status online and all claims can be treated as Pending, Approved and Rejected.
  • Employee of CPD can add, edit employee details, all employees are identified by the employee no. Employee no will be unique throughout the system.

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Language to be used:

Frontend: Asp.net

Programming language: C#

Database: sqlserver 2005

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Download project:

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