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Railway Reservation System Project idea

Here we shared Railway Reservation System Project idea. Railway Reservation System is developed for to automate the railway reservation system. It includes modules required to successfully operate railway reversion process smoothly. It has train master to add modify train information, Train schedule to enter train journey details include all the station name, arrival time and departure time. It includes automatic fare calculation as per the distance between two stations.

Reservation module consist of automatic seat no and coach no allocation system. Daily schedule for updation of not confirm seat and coach no. All master like train master, train schedule, reservation fees, cancellation fees charges can be modified individually from front end and changes reflect in all modules immediately. 

Railway Reservation System Project idea

Therefore proposed “Railway Reservation System” has been designed to automate the process of railway for ticket reservation and back office activities. System can make the daily activities efficient and providing the fast response.
Railway Reservation System – Modules
Security module – Security modules include security features like user management and application level password management.
• Maintain user master- Each user identified by the user name and user type. Only admin user can create, edit user information.
• Password must be 6 characters long.
• Password must be alpha numeric.
• While creating user system assign default password for the user, user must change default password for first time login.
• All login time stamp stored in the system for security audit.
• Access level and roles and privileges are set for different type of users.
Master Management module – Master management module includes following sub modules.
• Station Master – Every station is uniquely identified by system generated Station ID. It also includes station code, station name and railway division name.
• Train Master – Every train uniquely identified by train no, it includes train name, train schedule which days of the week train will run. No of coaches available for 3 tier AC, First Class, Slipper Class etc.
• Train Schedule – It includes train journey details from start station to end station, all in between station, distances between 2 station, arrival and departure time.
• Fare Rule – It help to calculate fare by distance, support different type of fare calculation for different class like AC1, AC3 etc.
• Cancellation Fees Rule – It provide the master data for all ticket cancellation fees calculation.
• Reservation and Super Fast Fees – It provide the master data for all ticket cancellation fees calculation.

Transaction Module – Transaction module includes following sub modules.
• Reservation – This module used to make reservation, it asks for input data like train no, journey date, from station code, end station code. System has powerful validation rule to check validation like journey date must be greeter than system date, journey date must be within 90 days. Train should run for the selected day. Check for from station and to station. Seat availability, While saving the record system generate PRN no, seat no and coach no. Before save the system ask for final confirmation. System automatically calculates the fare and save the details.
• Cancellation – For cancellation of ticket it ask for PRN no, after entering the correct PRN no system check for validity of the PRN no, whether it already cancelled, journey date already expired. I it validate system display all the details of the reservation. System automatically calculates the cancellation fees from the cancellation rule master. Before save the record system ask for the confirmation.
• Update Seat no for unconfirmed passenger – It is schedule activity, system query for all cancelled ticket for particular journey date and allocates all vacant seat to unconfirmed passenger.
• Daily Cash Transaction – It shows daily transaction, like how much money received and how much money refund. All data can be exported to MS Excel for review and save in file system.

Query Module – A powerful query module give on screen information for particular PRN NO, it shows all the reservation details and cancellation details, include current status for the seat no, coach no.

Railway Reservation System – Advantages
• Complete end to end system for all the activities related to railway reservation system.
• Supports the full life cycle of ticket reservation, seat allocation, and ticket cancellation. Reschedule the cancel seat to unconfirmed passenger.
• It is a scalable system.
• Has a clearly arranged and user-friendly interface
• Easy to use and minimum data entry, all important details is mater driven and provide in drop down list to make fast operation and avoid mistake.
• Automatic fare calculation from stage master, in new updation of fare in stage master will automatically reflect in all new reservation.
• All important details can be updated by front end master module only.
• Retrieval of forgotten passwords.
• Integrated security features.

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