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E-Hostel Management System

E-Hostel Management System

This project E-Hostel Management System is developed for multiple hostels. This will manage the entire activities of hostel. In this system the hosteller(Student or Working Employees) can book hostel directly without visiting hostel. Hostellers can check available rooms and they can make payment through online. This system has additional features like Attendance system and Mess Bill management system. Admin can view Feedbacks published by Hosteller. Even visitors can book this hostel for 1-2 days as visiting Guest. This project is developed using PHP and MySQL used to store database record.

E-Hostel Management System

Features of E-Hostel Management System:

  • The online hostel management system will work and update the student’s record, hostels record and student fees record, employee records, Hostel Buildings(blocks)and Rooms records, Mess management and Mess billings.
  • User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls.
  • After login Administrator and Employees can view Student details, hostel fee details, Mess bill details, and the other information about the students.
  • The product Online Hostel Management System will be developed completely web application and it can be accessed over the internet.

Modules of E-Hostel Management System

  • Online application module:
    • Sub modules are:
      • Online Registration
      • Login Panel
      • Hostell Booking Panel
  • Events module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Upload News and Events
      • View Published News and Events
  • Admin account module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Add Admin
      • View admin
      • Add warden
      • View warden
      • Settings module
  • Warden Account module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Login module
      • Warden profile
      • Change password
      • Allot rooms
      • Attendance entry
      • Mess Bill entry
      • Payment Report
  • Admission module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Add new admission
      • View admission report
      • View payments
      • View allocated rooms
  • Hosteller account module:
    • Sub modules are:
      • Hosteller profile module
      • Change password module
      • Student Profile module
      • Update profile
  • Room settings module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Add New hostel
      • View hostel
  • Room chart module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Add room
      • View room
      • Available rooms
  • Hosteller attendance module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Attendance entry module
      • View attendance Report
  • Mess Bill module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Generate mess bill
      • View mess bill
  • Payment module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Make payment
      • View payment report
      • View payment receipt
  • Guest module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Guest registration
      • Guest Login
      • Book guest room
      • View guest bookings
  • Report module:-
    • Sub modules are:
      • Hosteller report
      • Hostel fees report
      • Mess bill report
      • Attendance report

Software details used to develop this project

  • Technology Server : Apache Server
  • Language Used                   :  PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)  
  • Database                             :  MySQL Database
  • User Interface Design       :  HTML, AJAX,JQUERY,JAVASCRIPT
  • Web Browser                       :  Mozilla, Google Chrome, IE8,OPERA
  • Software                                :  XAMPP
  • IDE : Notepad++/Visual Studio Code

Video Demo of Online Hostel Project:

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    • Complete IEEE Project documentation with Synopsis, SRS (with modules), System design (with CFD, DFD), Database design (with er diagram, table design), Detailed design, Test cases, Screenshot, conclusion

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