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College Management System in visual basic 6.0

The project College Management System developed using visual basic 6.0 and Oracle database. The clerk of the college filling the Admission Details. The masters information consist of storing the details of course available, the subject of particular course, the teacher information, the holiday information, etc. Attendance entries consist of two main aspects which are, Student Attendance and Teacher Attendance. The marks entry process is used to store the information of marks of different test that area taken during the whole year. The purchase details is used to give the details of purchase. Report module generates student report, teachers report, marks report, attendance report, purchase report, etc

dowload college management system

The modules of College Management System are:

Admission Details module:
The Admission Root is used to enter details of students studying in college. It includes the course in which the student is studying, the year number and the roll number of the student.

Master Configuration module:
The Masters Root can be selected when the user want to perform administrative work. It includes information regarding the courses offered by the college, details of teacher in the college, details of devices used in the college, details of vendor from whom we purchase the devices etc.

Attendance module:
The Student Attendance module is used to store daily attendance of the students that are studying in the college. The Teacher Attendance module is used to store daily attendance of all the teachers that are teaching in the college.

Marks module:
The Marks Entry is used to enter different marks of different test taken in the college of all students.

Purchase module:
The Purchase module is used to store information of all relation of vendor and items that are purchased by the college. It also include price of items.

Report module:

There are mainly three types of reports, i.e; Student Details report, Staff Attendance report and Vendor & Item Report

College Management System in visual basic 6.0

Software requirements:
Front-end: Visual Basic 6.0
Back-end: Oracle 8.0

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  1. basappa sheegihalli
    June 9, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    fantastic sir this make work easy owesome

  2. I can’t download it! only file list shown . . . how to download that project?

  3. hi can send me job consultancy system of VB projects with documentation and ERD diagram

  4. i cant download it…how can i download projectsss..
    there is some new in vb..

  5. what is the password?

  6. can i get the source code for this plzzzzzzz.

  7. pliz can i get source codes via email?

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