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HRMS Management System

HRMS Management System

HRMS Management System

The main purpose of this HRMS Management System is to develop a web based interface to manage the Human Resource of software company. The system helps the administrator to manage the HR of the company. The HR team can stay updated with the progress of the tasks assigned to a team. The company can create vacancies and also schedule them. The employees can update their progress in an assigned task for the administrator to view and the employees can also view their payrolls. The job seekers can learn about the vacancies and also apply for the posts.

HRMS Management System

Scope of the project:

The Human Resource Management System can be used to manage the Human Resource of an company. The system helps an managment to create vacancies and accept applications from the applicants, online. It also keeps the administrator updated with the progress of a team in the task assigned. It can also generate payroll automatically.

User Role:

Applicants: The applicant can view the vacancies in the institution and also submit an application for the vacancy through online.

Employees: The employees can view their payroll, check the details of an assigned project and also update the same.

HR Team: The HR team is responsible for creating vacancies, processing the applications for the vacant posts, scheduling interviews, etc.

Project Manager: The Project Manager can assign a project to a team of employees and also view their progress in the assignd project.

Administrator: The administrator has the full authority over the system. he can view all the employee records, project details etc. and also edit them.

Project highlights:

The HRMS is a web based application and it can be accessed over the internet.

Job seekers can view job vacancies and he can apply for the jobs.

Employees, HR team and administrator can login to the system by entering Login Id and password.

The administrator is the main user of this web application and he can add employee details, vacancy details, HR details, etc.

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