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How to Install Alumni Tracking Project and XAMPP

How to Install Alumni Tracking Project and XAMPP

Here the video which explains How to Install Alumni Tracking Project and XAMPP. To install the Alumni tracking project and XAMPP, first, you need to download the XAMPP installer from the official website. Next, install the XAMPP software, and then extract the downloaded zip file of the Alumni Project. After that, open the XAMPP control panel and start the Apache and MySQL services. Finally, move the extracted project to the “htdocs” folder and open your browser to run the project.

How to Install Alumni Tracking Project and XAMPP

To install the Alumni Tracking Project, you will first need to install XAMPP, which is a software package that includes Apache, PHP, and MySQL. Once you have XAMPP installed, you can follow these steps to install the Alumni Tracking Project:

  1. Download the Alumni Project files from a reliable source.
  2. Extract the files to the “htdocs” folder located in the XAMPP installation directory.
  3. Open the XAMPP Control Panel and start the Apache and MySQL modules.
  4. Open a web browser and navigate to “http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  5. Create a new database in phpMyAdmin and import the SQL file from the Alumni Project files.
  6. Edit the “config.php” file in the Alumni Tracking Project folder to match the database details.
  7. Navigate to “http://localhost/alumni-tracking-project-folder” in your web browser to access the project.
  8. You should now be able to use and customize the Alumni Project.

Note: The steps mentioned above are basic steps to install the Alumni tracking project, it may vary depending on the version and package you are using, so please check the project documentation for more details.

An Alumni Tracking Project in PHP is a web-based application that allows educational institutions to keep track of their alumni. The project typically includes features such as:

  1. A registration system for alumni to create profiles and update their contact information.
  2. A directory of alumni, searchable by name, graduation year, or other criteria.
  3. A way for alumni to connect with each other and with the institution, such as through a message board or a networking feature.
  4. A way for alumni to share news and updates about their careers and personal lives.
  5. A way for the institution to send updates and news to alumni, such as about upcoming events or fundraising campaigns.

The PHP language is often used for building web-based applications such as this one, because it is easy to learn, well-documented, and widely supported. To build the Alumni Tracking Project in PHP, you will need to have a solid understanding of the PHP language, as well as experience with web development and database design.

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