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The e-Examiner is that it helps companies/institutions to conduct exams to any number of candidates at a time, in an automated manner. Student Registration is the first process. As the part of the registration, the student has to enter his name, address etc into the registration form.The administrator of the system prepares the tests and questions for each exam. The candidates can login through the client computers with their register number given to them and can take the exam.

User Requirements Definition:

The user requirement for this system is to make the system fast, flexible, less prone to error, reduce expenses and save the time.

  • Time can be saved by scheduling the exams, if it is available a question bank to store questions for different subjects.
  • A system can be given a mark by checking the students answers, and give the result as soon as students finish his exam.
  • A facility to generate a result chart as pre required without manual interface.
  • The system should have records of students and faculty that can be access to the system which can be used only for the authorized person.
  • The system should be more secure for management user records and more reliable to work at any conditions.

Programming Language

  • Front End: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server
  • Note : App_Data has project database backup folder.


 Short namedescription
1OESOn-line Exam System
2On-line ExamAn exam written on a web site and solves the questions, also on the same web site from any place by entered user name and password.
3AdministratorWho is responsible to create a new course, delete course, add member or delete it, i.e.: the person who control the system
4Faculty memberA teacher in the faculty

The functionality of each module is as follows:

  • Candidate module: The candidate will logon to the software and take his examination. He can also check his previous examinations marks and his details. The candidate will get result immediately after the completion of the examination.
  • Examiner module: The database is prepared & loaded into the software. Selection for examination can be done language wise by the examiner. The results will be displayed immediately after completion of the examination.
  • Administrator module: The administrator collects all the results after successful completion of the examination and sends to the head quarters as and when required.

Download project Source code:

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