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Budget Approval System

Budget Approval System

Budget Approval System is aimed at developing a system by which the employees in the Organizations submits the bills to the managers by uploading the scanned images of the bills along with the request to superiors. The bills that are submitted can be of various types and may contain various amounts. The employee in an organization submits the bill along with the manager’s name to which the bill is to be submitted. The bill will pass through a workflow process and the employee who is submitting the bill can view the status of the bill that is submitted at any time. The status of the bill can be intimated to the concerned employee with an SMS for every 24hrs. Also the details of the past records can be viewed by bar charts.  

The system also generates the pay slips to the employee of an organization. Automatic calculation of the Gross salary and the deduction of Income tax can be performed while generating the pay slip.

The Budget Approval System also aims in developing the system by which the employees in the organization can submit the reports about malfunctioning of the devices or lack of resources in the organization to their managers along with the estimation of cost of the devices required in the organization.


Being connected with people through a website is always exciting and at the same time creating a work environment where in the most important entity ‘TIME’ is being utilized in a beneficial and productive way. As websites and mobile devices has become a part of our day to day life, developing applications that provides user interaction and at the same time overcoming the disadvantages such as the mistakes that can be encountered during the manual calculations, wastage of manual power also the delay that exists for knowing the status of the requests by the employees. This system allows employee to login into his account  and then he can upload the bills through the website. The employee must also receive alert regarding his approval when forwarding from one department to another department which indeed uses an automated calculation with least possibility of errors.


Earlier, the employees in the organization submit their bills to higher authorities. The higher authorities after verifying the bills, the approved bills is passed to the finance department. The finance manager then permits to credit the amount to be payed out

Which then the amount is credited to the account of specified employee. As files and maintain all the paper material to access a particular record. This type of system is tedious to maintain. Efficiency is one of its major concern. Also the status of the request by the employee is not known until and unless the amount is credited into his account.


An user interactive website is to be designed where each employee in the organization has an employee account through which he can login. After logging in , the employee can upload the invoice number and amount. When the manager logins to his account, he can view the uploaded bills by the employees. The copy of the approved bills are automatically forwarded to accounts section.

An intimation about the status of the bills in the workflow process can be given by SMS. He can also query about his status, renewal of the policies etc.


  • Each employee in an organization has an employee account through which he can log in.
  • The employee can upload the Invoice no. and Invoice amount.
  • The Invoice details are supported by the bill images by the process of scanning.
  • When the manager logins, he can view the uploaded bills by the employees.
  • The manager performs three actions : Approve, Reject, Pending.
  • The bills after approving are automatically forwarded to the accounts section.
  • Then the accounts department credits the amount into the employees account.
  • The status of the request is intimated to employee for every 24hrs.
  • Generation of pay slips can be performed.


  • Providing excellence in services.
  • Designing an user interactive website.
  • Many of the tasks that were earlier being handled manually were automated, presenting significant efficiency benefits to the operations.
  • The status of request by the employee is intimated by SMS.


  • Framework conditions: A regulatory system must be in place to prevent a deviation of the bill amounts given to the employees.
  • Scope of services: The scope service for mobile payment is limited at a high expense.
  • Administrative efficiency: This must be maintained at proper levels so that it must not be limited.
  • Message Format: the format of message to be sent by the customers must be specific to the rules of the organization.
  • This project is developed using ASP.NET and Record stores in SQL Server

Modules of Budget Approval System

1. Login: This module deals with the employee about the details which includes the user ID,     password, designation of the employee and the account is accessed by him only.

2. Employee Information: This module provides the details of employee like personal details, educational details, bank details etc. also the employee account contains my open requests folder to view him the status of the request. The entire account is authenticated by the administrator.               

3. Uploading and Retrieving Bills: This module acts as an interface for the customer to upload the bills which supports his request. The employee can upload the images of the bills with the help of a scanner and the composing of the request is done.

4. Sending SMS: This module acts as interface between mobile of the customer and the system which deals with sending alerts about the status of the bill and details about the payment

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