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Spare parts management system

Spare parts management system

Spare parts management system plays an important role in achieving the desired plant availability at an optimum cost. Spare Parts Management System (SMS) is a complete inventory control and accounting system. Front end is Visual Studio 2005 and Back End is Microsoft Access. It has All kind of accounting reports, cash control, employees, customers, vendors management.

This project is mainly designed for all companies to control the overall digital and movable property . It is used to manage and help organization more effectively and saves time and money by avoiding unnecessary asset purchases and all functions. It allows you to manage your inventory, purchases, sales, customers, and invoices, as well as taking payments and much more.

This PHP web application will help you manage stock inventory. The application has a great interface and comes with several modules including stock management, purchasing, sales, suppliers, customers, outstandings, and payments.

Spare parts management system

Programming language

  • Project Name : Spare Parts Sales and Inventory Management System
  • Front End : Visual Studio 2005
    Back End : Microsoft Access 2003

Advantages of Spare parts management system:

Manage stock status, System users management, Add item into main stock, Records out spares, Generate Receipt and finally it will generate some report where it will help manager to monitor day overview and also monthly and annual reports. This project is a web-based, multilingual PHP online inventory system. With built-in invoices, this system allows you to manage your sales and inventory on site.

There is a need for systematic actions while managing spare parts as given below: 

  1. It is user-friendly, easy to customize
  2. Identification of spare parts
  3. Forecasting of spare parts requirement
  4. Inventory analyses
  5. Reconditioning of spare parts 
  6. Computer applications for spare parts management.  
  7. Auto-calculate stock
  8. product variants
  9. import opening stock 
  10. import products and customers
  11. export all reports

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  1. good

  2. nice management software thanks

  3. can this be used for mobile spares

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