Social media are one of the trending medias through which the users communicate with each other through the use of messages. Messages are sent from the source to the destination with great ease. But what is the guarantee that the message is not intruded by the intruder in between the source and the destination? In order to solve this issue the secure text transfer using Diffie Hellman Key Exchange based on cloud application is introduced.  Encryption is one of the techniques for providing security for the data that has been sent by the sender. There will be different algorithms used in order to achieve the encryption of the data. This application will allow the user to send the plain text to the destination. Before sending the message the user needs to select the particular algorithm like AES, DES etc. Then the message will be encrypted through the use of such algorithms. The key will be sent to the destination in order to decrypt the message.

Secure Text Transfer Using Diffie Hellman Key Exchange Based on Cloud
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