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Online college administration

Online college administration helps to store and manage college information like students records, Students parents information, teachers and staff profiles, examination schedules, time table, syllabus and curriculum, attendance records, students performance record, school events etc available over Internet to everyone and manage the administration online with ease. This project is developed using ASP.NET and SQL Server.

Online college administration

Project title : Online college administration

  • Requirements to develop this site:
  • Frontend : ASP.NET coding Visual Basic
  • Back End: SQL Server 2005

Modules of the project: This project has 5 main modules. Following are the modules of this project.

  • Attendance module: In the attendance module user can submit attendance by entering student name, attendance date, etc. At the end of the month user can generate reports by entering month and year.
  • Master module: This is the master module where all settings made in this module. Users module is the sub module of this module. In this user module the management can add new users by entering their profile details.
  • Course Module: Here user can enter course module by entering all available course details in the college. The course module has options of adding, deleting, editing the data. In the view course the user can view the different courses offered by this college.
  • Exam module: This is the exam module. In this module the user can enter internal examination marks detail by entering maximum mark and scored mark. This system calculates marks automatically and displays the total marks and percentage with marks report.
  • Hostel module: This module used to display hostel information and this will display vacant room, full room details.

This project is developed by SFGC BCA students and  provided complete source code. So you can make changes as per your requirement.

Ask for any sort of Technical Support in the comment box. Our Technical department will answer all your queries in 24 hours.

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  1. pls send the complete project report for online college administration

  2. Dear Sir,
    I have downloaded all the files.
    but the project is not opening. can u please post the solution file also.

  3. Dear sir,
    i have downloaded this file
    but the project is not open. please guide me,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for opening the project……..thanks

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  7. hello sir i have downloaded all the files. but project and structur is not found not opening.can u please post the solution file also pliz

  8. pls send the complete project report for online college administration thanks !!!

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