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Existing system and proposed system of online charity

Existing system and proposed system of online charity

Here we shared Existing system and proposed system of online charity which is developed using PHP and MySQL. The existing system of online charity relies on donations to help people in need. The proposed system improves on this by providing better support and encouraging more people to donate. The proposed system also increases the transparency of donations and makes the process more efficient. Existing system and proposed system of online charity is necessary to explain how the proposed system works and how it can benefit those in need. Documenting the system also provides an audit trail so that any discrepancies can be tracked and rectified. Finally, documents can help to demonstrate the impact of the proposed system, allowing for better planning and resource allocation.

Type 1:

Existing system of online charity:

  • Most existing online charity systems are websites that allow users to make donations to various charitable organizations.
  • Users can browse through a list of organizations and select one to donate to.
  • Users can typically make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation.
  • Many existing systems also offer the option to fundraise for a specific organization or campaign.
  • Users can share their fundraising page on social media to encourage friends and family to donate.
  • Some systems may also provide detailed information about the charity, including their mission, programs, and financial information.
  • Some online charity system have mobile apps which have the same functionality as their website counterparts.

Proposed system of online charity:

  • The proposed system could include additional features such as a personalized dashboard for users to track their donations and fundraising efforts.
  • Users could be able to set up donation goals and see progress towards achieving them.
  • The proposed system could also include a feature that allows users to see the impact of their donations, such as how many people were helped or how much money was raised.
  • A feature could be added to allow users to volunteer their time and skills to charities and non-profits organizations.
  • A feature that allows users to create and join fundraising teams and compete against other teams to raise the most money for charity.
  • The proposed system could integrate with social media platforms, allowing users to share their fundraising and donation efforts with friends and family, and allowing charities to reach a wider audience.
  • The proposed system could also allow users to set up a recurring donation, or a donation on specific events such as birthdays, weddings or other special occasions.

It’s worth noting that the proposed system could be designed to be easily integrated with existing systems, and that it could be designed to be flexible and customizable to suit the needs of different organizations and users.

Type 2:

Existing System of Online Charity

Online charity has traditionally been a difficult process. Donors have to be aware of the charity, where donations are accepted, and the payment gateway. Furthermore, the system has to be secure and trustworthy.

Also, donations can only be made to organizations that are registered with the government, and the process of donations is often laborious and time-consuming. Moreover, donors have to pay a high fee for transactions, and donations are not always tax-exempt.

Proposed System of Online Charity

The proposed system of online charity focuses on simplifying the process of donating and making it more secure and accessible to more people. For example, donors will be able to make donations through a secure online platform that is free of charge, and donations will be tax-exempt. Furthermore, the platform will be easily accessible and will have a simplified user experience.

Also, the platform will feature a range of options, such as donation amounts, frequency, and types. Additionally, donors will have access to detailed information about the charity and the cause they are supporting. Furthermore, donors will receive real-time updates on their donations and will be able to track their donations. Finally, the online platform will include a wide network of charities and donors, creating a secure and reliable environment for donations.

Type 3:

Online charity systems have changed dramatically in recent years. The existing system relies on donations from donors that have identified a charity or cause they wish to support. This system often includes the use of a third-party payment processor, such as PayPal, to manage the financial transactions.

The proposed system consists of an online platform where charities or causes can sign up and list their projects. Potential donors can browse the platform and make donations directly to the charities or causes they support. Donors also have the ability to track their donations and receive regular updates on the progress of their chosen charity or cause. The proposed system also allows charities to issue tax receipts and thank-you emails to donors, while providing them with detailed reports on financial activity. In addition, the platform has the potential to facilitate more direct relationships between charities and their donors, allowing the two groups to communicate more easily.

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