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Online Hostel Management System

Online Hostel Management System

Online Hostel Management System is useful to perform the complete Hostel Management functionalities of any of the faculty of the university. This project offers an advanced web based Hostel Management system for paperless hostel management operations. This project is developed specifically for the hostel owners to manage different activities in the hostel. Students can be provided hostel accommodation based on the availability of rooms. Hostel students can pay hostel rent fee and monthly mess bill through online. This is online based hostel management system developed in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) AND MY SQL SERVER.

This particular project deals with the problems on managing hostel and avoids the problems which occur when carried manually. We design this system according to the hostel management requirements, through this they cannot require so efficient person to handle and calculate the things. This system automatically calculates Student hostel fee, mess bills, etc.

Video demo of Online Hostel Project:

Project detail:

  • Server : Apache Server
  • Front End  : PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Back End : MySQL Server

Project modules:

  • Online application module: Student needs to fill the application form through online to join hostel. Warden will check available rooms and approve the application of student.
  • Events module: This module allows administrator to upload news and events. Public website visitors can view published news and events.
  • Admin account module: Administrator is the main user of system who can monitor complete status of the website. Admin can add warden details, webpages, events, room settings, etc. Only the administrator can view all types of reports.
  • Warden Account module: This module is for hostel warden who allots rooms to the hosteller. Warden will submit daily attendance of the student. Warden can add and view Room chart, Attendance report, Payment report, mess bill report, etc.
  • Admission module: This module will allocate a room to hosteller . A room will allocated to a hosteller and an ID will generate for it. Even it displays the details of the hostellers staying in rooms. At last when student leaves the room its detail like Exit date also stores in the database. The system generates admission fee with printed receipt.
  • Hosteller account module: hosteller can view his attendance report and pending mess bill, hostel fees through online. Hosteller needs to login to the system to access this feature. It contains the following information: i.e. Students Profile details, Contact information, parents detail,  etc. The Users can search the students from the database according to different criteria such as name, Course, Room number, etc.
  • Room settings module: This module allows administrator to add hostel room details with cost, room number, capacity, etc.
  • Room chart module: This module displays how many rooms vacated and how many rooms are full. Admin and Warden can view live report through online.
  • Hosteller attendance module: This module warden to enter attendance details of the student. Admin can view monthly or daily attendance report.
  • Mess Bill module: This module keeps track of all the transactions related to mess. The mess item expenditure for each student in the hostel is calculated for each month and the mess bill for each hosteller calculated and displayed.
  • Payment module: This module allows student to make payment through online. This allows to make monthly mess bill payment and year wise room bill payment.
  • Guest module: This module helps for guest to book the room by entering name, from date, todate, etc. Guest has to pay daily basis for the room and online payment available for the guest.
  • Report module: Report generation is also provided to view summarized detail regarding hostel fees and mess bill. It includes Hostel fees, Mess Inventory reports. hosteller can check hostel fees and mess bill by entering their Unique Hostel ID.

Table Detail:

The database hostel_managment_db is organized into 11 tables:

  • admission
  • attendance
  • billing
  • blocks
  • employee
  • fees
  • fees_structure
  • guest
  • hosteller
  • mess_bill
  • room

Download link for Source code and Project Documentation:

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Note: Download Link contains Source Code with sample database and Project documentation with Synopsis, SRS, System design, Database design, Detailed design, Screenshot, Testing document, Conclusion – 100+ pages. To know more about this Whatsapp – +919972853368 or Email

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