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Google Ad Campaigns

Google Ad Campaigns

I was excited because it is just the beginning of a new month and we have already hit our sales targets for the month. Google Ad Campaigns – Tonight, at 9 PM, I am doing a webinar on Google Ads. I have been generating leads via Google Ads for the past 3 years and have spent more than 50 lakhs to generate more than 500,000 leads. In this certification masterclass, I am going to teach you everything I know about Google Ads. Register for the Google Ads Masterclass (Nov 11th, at 9 PM) If you have already signed up for the webinar please treat this as a reminder email.

You will learn Google Ad Campaigns

  • How to create custom conversions in Google Ads
  • How to create custom audiences
  • How to set up a search ad
  • How to set up a display ad
  • How to set up a video ad

I will also show you live campaigns from my account. Looking forward to seeing you in the webinar. Cheers, Deepak Kanakaraju P.S. In this webinar, I will also be announcing the winners of the previous webinar. In the previous webinar, we had a tweeting contest and the winner is going to get an Apple iPad.

I was driving my latest sports BMW to my office.

The office is just 2 km from my home.

By next month, we will be expanding into new product lines and hiring 100 more people in our organization.

I couldn’t have been happier in my life.

Then a chalk-piece fell on my head.

I was looking outside the window from the classroom. And the whole classroom was staring at me.

There was a boring lecture on geography going on.

I was in my 10th standard.

I was day-dreaming.

My teacher noticed it and threw a chalk-piece on my head.

I got scolded for not paying attention to the class.

I hadn’t done very well in the recent exams. But I passed. And I felt it was good enough.

She said I would never amount to anything in my life. And I didn’t care what she said.

Day-dreaming is important to me.

And as far as I can remember, I have never stopped day-dreaming.

Whatever I have achieved today in my business because I spent excessive amounts of time thinking about it.

Day-dreaming has been discouraged by our parents and teachers since our childhood.

But I am a rebel.

When people told me not to day-dream, I did it more.

I think the reason why people discourage day-dreaming is that they do not like it when we are living in our own world, in our own thoughts, and creating the future that we want to create.

Whatever results you want in your life, you need to take action for it.

Without taking action, nothing can manifest.

But to take the right action, which brings the right results you want, you need to start with the right dreams.

We become what we thinking about most of the time.

Success in life comes to people who think about success most of the time. It is what they think about when they jog. It is what they think about when they take a shower. It is what they think about – almost all day.

Everyone wants success but success comes to them who want it the most.

If you are drowning in a river, what would be your mind thinking about while you are trying to get out of the river? The only thing you will think about while trying to save yourself is – how to get out of the water and get to safety.

That’s the secret to getting anything in life.

If your desire for success is as high as trying to save yourself from drowning water, then you will eventually get it. Because all you will think about is your success. And all you will do is something related to achieving that success.

We become what we thinking about most of the time.

Every day, as soon as I wake up, all I think about is: how to grow my business.

Yes, I pay attention to my health and relationships. I do not sacrifice that.

But there is an obsession with my dreams and what I want to create.

I just can’t stop thinking about my business and it’s growth. And the obsession has come to this level because I have day-dreamed a lot. Because once you dream, you are having a desire. And all your life-force will be directed towards achieving that desire.

Your satisfaction and happiness in life will come from a progressive realization of your goals and dreams.

10 years back, I had a dream of running a profitable startup with at least a team of 10 people.

Today, I have that.

Today I dream about growing my company to another level. I might achieve it within a few years, or it might take a lot more time.

But every day, I am taking a few steps that will lead me towards my dream. And every day, I am happy because I feel that the dream is getting realized a bit more.

I am working because I want to, not because I have to.

Most of the people I know do not work because they love to work. They work because they have to work. You might be in that position yourself.

If you don’t know where to go from where you are right now, let me give you a simple piece of advice.

Start day-dreaming.

Once you start desiring what you want for your life in the future, your thinking pattern will change.

Once your thinking changes, your actions will change.

For example, you might choose to read a book that will help you reach your goal, instead of watching a series on TV because you are bored.

People who have big dreams never get bored. If you are finding yourself bored, then it is a clear indication that your dreams and desires are not clear enough and not big enough.

Dreams will push you towards action with whatever time you have in your hand.

Results will start manifesting itself because of your small actions. Every time you take a bit of action, there will be a bit of a result.

Once you get into the cycle of seeing the results for every action you take, you will get into the habit of taking the right action in your time available in the day.

And taking the right action comes with having the right thoughts. And having the right thoughts comes with having the right desires. And the desires come from day-dreaming.

So that’s my advice for you today.

You are so busy with your life doing things all the time that you forgot to day-dream.

This is the chalk-piece I am throwing at you while you are lost with your busy life.

I am reminding you to day-dream.

Trust me.

It will change your life.