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Hostel Management System Project Synopsis

Here we uploaded Hostel Management System Project Synopsis. This system is designed in favor of the hostel management which helps them to save the records of the students about their rooms and other things. It helps them from the manual work from which it is very difficult to find the record of the students and the mess bills of the students, and the information of about the those ones who had left the hostel three years before.

Hostel Management System Project Synopsis

We design this system on the request of the hostel management, through this they cannot require so efficient person to handle and calculate the things. This system automatically calculates all the bills and issued the notifications for those students who are against some rules.

Content of the Project

  • Project statement

The hostel management needs to create the hostel management system (HMS) to  organize the rooms, mess, students record and the other information about the students. how many students can live in a room, and the students of the hostel can  be recognized from their ID number.

  • Descriptions

This software product the hostel management to improve their services for all the students of the hostel. This also reduce the manual work of the persons in admin panel and the bundle of registers that were search when to find the  information of a previous student, because through this system you can store the data of those students who had leaved the hostel three years ago.

Through this you can check the personal profile of all the current students within few minutes the data base of the system will help you to check a particular one.

The system will help you to check the mess bills of every student and the student’s hostel dues. The students of the hostel will be recognized from the ID number allocated at the room rental time. In the last this system will improve the management work in the hostel.

  • Objectives
Stake HolderObjective
StudentThe student can store his or her information
AdministrativeThe warden can see the data of students

Registration flow :

To take the membership of the hostel the students should tell the department’s name to the hostel management system. He/she should fill his/her personal profile on the profile page. After this the warden issued ID # to him/her. So that the student can accessed by his/her ID # in case of any problem or other thing.

Mess Flow :

  • When a student will use the mess using  his/her ID card at mess. A student can take only 2 messes at a time.
  • At the end of the month the hard copy of mess details issued to the student’s
  • room, which shows the detailed of his/her messes and all the dues of the mess .
  • The student should pay the dues within 10 days after the issued of mess bill.
  • In case of not paying dues the warning letter is issued against the student.

Room process flow :

  • A room will be allocated when a student is registered in the hostel. The allocation will be on the basis of the department, semester and the session of the student. A room is only for the two students.
  • The dues of the hostel is only for 1 semester and after the end of the semester the student should pay the next semester’s dues. The student will pay the dues within 10 days after next semester.
  • In case of not paying the dues of the hostel at the announced date a warning is send to the student.
  • In case of the unavailability of a room the students will be entered in a waiting list when the room will be free the student will be told by the management of the hostel.

Database flow :

When the new student is arrived then the administrator easily enter a new entry in the database of the system. All the information about mess and other facilities is updated easily. This database should save the record of all the current users and the 3 years old students.

Project Category


Language to be used


Hardware Interface

1)40 GB hard disk

2)256 MB RAM

3 Peripheral devices

Software Interface

The software is developed with all the basic controls and class provided in .Windows XP or above installed on the system. Application Package must be installed.

Communication Interface

Windows Forms


This system is provided with authentication without which no user can pass. So only the legitimate users are allowed to use the application. If the legitimate users share the authentication information then the system is open to outsiders.


There will be no maintenance required for the software. The database is provided by the end-user and therefore is maintained by this user.


The system is not portable as it is a standalone application running on single system with no shared database.

ER Diagram

An Entity Relation(ER) Diagram is a specialized graphics that illustrates the interrelationship between entities in a database. ER diagrams often use symbols to represent 3 different types of information. Boxes are commonly used to represent entities. Diamonds are normally used to represent relationships and ovals are used to represent attributes.

An Entity Relationship Model (ERM), in software engineering is an abstract and conceptual representation of data. Entity Relationship modeling is a relational schema database modeling method, used to produce a type of conceptual schema or semantic data model of a system, often a relation database, and its requirements in a top-down fashion


Entity is the thing which we want to store information. It is an elementary basic building block of storing information about business process. An entity represents an object defined within the information system about which you want to store information. Entities are distinct things in the enterprise.


A relationship is a named collection or association between entities or used to relate two or more entities with some common attributes or meaningful interaction between the objects.


Attributes are the properties of the entities and relationship, Descriptor of the entity. Attributes are elementary pieces of information attached to an entity.

Download Hostel Management System Project Synopsis

Download Hostel Management System Project Synopsis in Project Report section. Along with synopsis you will get complete documentation in project report.

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