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Student Credit Debit Management System

Student Credit Debit Management System

The project Hostel student credit debit management system is a web application designed to manage the credit and debit transaction details of the students who stay in hostel. The hostel students give their money with the hostel management as it is not safe for them to keep their money with them. Whenever the students want their money for any purpose they can take from the hostel management. When the student gives the money to the hostel staff, they must credit to students account and when the student takes any amount from the staff, that amount will be debited from students account. The hostel management will have money of various students hence the system is designed to keep record of the debit and credit transactions. The admin and the staff has the authority over all the transactions and the students can view their transaction reports.

Student Credit Debit Management System

Project Modules of Student Credit Debit Management System:

  • Admin module
  • Staff module
  • Student module
  • Credit module
  • Debit module
  • Course module
  • Transaction module
  • Report module

Languages to be used:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL database server

Innovativeness and usefulness:

The students who stay in the hostel will come to hostel with limited amount of cash with them and they have to safeguard the money they have as they will be staying with unknown students from different places. Hence the hostel management take the responsibility of safeguarding their money. Since lot of students stay in the hostel, the hostel staff must maintain the records of the students who gives their money with them.

In the earlier days, the hostel management used to maintain the students debit and credit records as a paper work. Since it is done manually there might be a problem in calculation and  this  might lead to  the loss of students money. The transactions are maintained by many of the hostel staff so the management might feel it difficult to find out who made the mistake in transactions.

Hence the proposed project Hostel student credit debit management system is developed which will keep track of the credit and debit transactions of the students in a website. Since the process is computerized there won’t be a problem in calculations. Since each staff must login to the system and make the credit and debit transactions the management will be aware that who made the transactions at particular time as each transaction report includes the staff details who made the transaction.

The admin and the staff has the authority to the website where in the admin has the complete authority of the system and the staff has some limitations. The student must register to the portal and after the verification by the admin they can login and view their transaction reports. This also help the students to know how much money they have so that they can spend it with limitations.

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