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Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer

Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer (IMRO) is a software application that is used to manage and optimize the use of manpower in industrial environments. It is designed to help companies track and schedule their employees, assign tasks and projects, and monitor performance and productivity.

The project Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer (IMPRO) is developed to manage the hierarchy of the employees within an organization. Mainly it helps to manage employees with hierarchical view. Each organisatins manager will manage complete activities of the organization. The company have different departments like Manufacturing department, HR department, product, marketing, etc. 

Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer

Here is the screenshot which has user id and password to login. User can login to the IMPRO software by entering login Id and password. Each user type has different account level.

Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer

Project Type: Relational Database Management System(RDBMS)

Module Description:

This project has 9 modules. The modules are:

A) Employee Module : Here management can add new employee records by entering employee profile details.

B) Employee hierarchy Module: This will display employee records in hierarchical view.

c) Department entry/department hierarchy Module:  This is the main module which will display employee records in department hierarchy order.

D)Live status Module:

E) Employee list enumeration Module

F) Process details Module

G) Job Rotation Module

H)Position Weightage Module

I) Vacancies details and process details Module

Database Tables:

This project has 11 tables. The tables are:

  • departments
  • employees
  • sections
  • designation
  • jobrotation
  • vacancies

Software Languages:

  • BACK END: SQL server

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