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Online Curtain Store

Online Curtain Store

The Online Curtain Store is the web application used to sell curtains through online. The online system helps company to grow their business. Customer can check through online, they can order or preview the curtains without visiting shop. Latest developments like curtain designer, Curtain customizer, and many more features added in this project.

Main scope of Online Curtain Store Project

  • The system is convenient and flexible to be used. It saves their time, efforts, money and resources.
  • User Friendliness is provided in the application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface.
  • The user information files can be stored in centralized database which can be maintained by the system.
  • Current system is online system which helps for customer as well as Curtain lounge shop.
  • The online system or Mobile friendly helps company to grow their business.
  • Customer can purchase curtain through online without visiting shop.
  • This system allows customer to post their customized requirements like design, colour, measurements through online.
  • Customer can check review feedbacks and ratings before purchasing curtains.
  • Latest developments like curtain designer, Curtain customizer, and many more features added in this project.
  • Online and mobile friendly system will save employees time and they can check reports anywhere through online.
  • Customer can make payment through online while purchasing curtain. The amount directly goes to company‚Äôs account.
  • Hence it is online catalogue printing is not necessary. Everything can be viewed in the website.

Types of Users

The major user classes that are expected to use this product are as follows:

  • Administrator: Administrator is a super user treated as owner of this site.  He can have all the privileges. Administration can add employee details.
  • Customer: Customer is the buyer or registered user who can purchase or design the curtains as per his requirements.
  • Employee: Employees are the workers who manage the website activities.
  • Tailor: Tailors can view customized orders and he can stitch the order according to customer requirements.

Software Used

  • Apache server
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database Server: MYSQL server
  • IDE: Notepad++

Modules of Online Curtain Store

  • Customer account module: Public customer or non-registered visitor can view the curtains through online. But to purchase the curtain customer needs to login to the website. New customer can register to the system by entering profile details. Registered customer can post reviews/comments and he can like or dislike the product. After the login customer can change his password or profile details.
  • Curtain module: This module is for employees to add different types of curtain, curtain types, cost, size, colour, etc. In the curtain it has two types, i.e; standard curtains and customized curtains. Standard curtains with fixed length with 5ft and 7ft. Customized curtains depend on customer requirements.
  • Purchase Preview module: In this module customer can check preview by uploading window or door image. This will show how the standard curtain or customized curtain looks for window or door. The system generates quotation for curtains after all calculations which is available to download in pdf format. In the quotation module customer can view Stitching prices, Meters of cloth to be used, fitting charge, etc.
  • Billing module: Customer can select standard curtains directly through online. This module allows customer to make payment through online. After making payment customer can view billing receipt.
  • Stitching module: This allows to keep track of measurements, orders and sends email when work is done as well as print receipts for them. This module is for tailor to check the stitching requirements and tailor can stitch the curtains according to customer requirements.
  • Employee account module: There are three types of users using this module, i.e; Administrator, Tailor and Employee. Admin has full authority in the software and employee has limited authority. Tailor handles all stitching orders, customized measurement requirements. Employee will manage complete operation of the website.
  • Report module: User can generate report with date-wise, month-wise, or custom date.
  • Feedback and rating module: This module allow customer to post and share feedbacks to selected curtains. Feedback and ratings will help other customers to select/purchase curtain.

Video Demonstration

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  • Complete Project documentation
  • PPT Presentation
  • Knowledgebase
  • Coding explained – View

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