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Easy Job Portal

Easy Job Portal is a job portal where Job Seeker can post their resumes, mange profile, and search for a job and apply for a job. Employer posts their requirement, searching for the candidates and matches the requirement.

Easy Job is a job portal like, where Job Seeker can post their resumes, mange profile, and search for a job and apply for a job. Employer posts their requirement, searching for the candidates and matches the requirement. Job Recruiters match job seeker profile to employer requirement and send message to the job seekers.

System has powerful keyword based search facilities to search for specific requirement. Easy Job Portal support multi user environment and can support very large database, can store resume; It has facility to send system generated email to candidates whenever new job posted which match the profile of the candidate.

Easy Job Portal


Job Seeker Module

Design for the technology and engineering professionals, enabling them to perform highly targeted job searches based on specific criteria, including location, type of employment, skill set and keyword. This career site will also allow the job seekers to post resume.

The Job Seeker module will include the following features:

Register – Register to the website with all his/ her information.

Search Job – Search the posted jobs based on specific criteria such as location, type of employment, and skill set.

Resume Upload -Upload his/her resume.

Apply for Job – Apply for particular Job.

Update Resume – Update or delete his/her resume that was posted for a specific job.

Update Personal Information – Update personal information.

Job Alert – Job alerts can be created to a specific job position.

View Status – Provision to view the applied jobs.

Statistic – Statistics for the jobseeker (in order to see how many times his profile has been viewed)

Employer Module

Design system for the employers to post job requirements and allow searching candidates from the resume database that matches the skill,

The Employer module will include the following features:

Employer Master – Enter the details of the company.

Post Requirement – Post the job(s) and its requirements

Close Requirement – Close requirement.

Change Password – Change his/her password.

Statistic – Statistics for the employer (employer can see how many times his post has been viewed, as well as more detailed report including the date, ip, username of the user viewed the post)

Recruiter Module

Design resume database that allow recruiters to quickly and efficiently find candidates with specialized skill sets that match desired criteria,

The Recruiter modules will include the following features:

Match Requirement – View all the job seekers who match specific job requirements.

Send Resume – Send the eligible candidates list to the employer.

Change Password – Change his/her password.

Reports – List of Employers, Number of requirement posted by the Employer, Total number of vacancies report, Status report of Employers, List of Jobseekers, Status report of Job seekers, Individual Login details of Employers and Job seekers

Some of the other features of the Easy Job Portal are:

  • Authenticate the user ID and Password of the job seeker, employer, and recruiter.
  • Job seeker can view only his/her details posted.
  • Job seeker cannot change the employer details.
  • Employer cannot change the details posted by the job seeker.
  • Recruiter cannot change job seekers resumes or employers details.

Technology Used
SQL Server

Easy Job Portal Benefits

Complete web based solution.

Job Search using keywords, Specialization and location in the home page

Job Mail alert to the Job Seekers

Hot Jobs in home page

Employer can manage and edit job requirement at any time.

Reports for the Recruiter.

Status for the Employee

Status for the Job Seekers

Powerful security features for protect sensitive personal information.

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