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E-Account Management System

E-Account Management System is a dynamic, easy to use, user friendly web base application. Which is built in PHP LARAVEL – MySQL

Features of E-Account Management System

1. Manage Single Company Or Multiple Branches for Transaction.

2. Chart of Accounts (Types, Groups and Ledgers). Easily Manage Your Ledgers.

3. Opening Balance Can Added on Initial Module.

4. Dynamic and Multiple Entry Types on Credit (Receipt), Debit(Payment), Contra and Journal Voucher. Once Voucher is Created Report ( Accounting All Reports ) will Generate Automatically.

5. Multiple Soft Delete, Restore, Permanently Delete.

6. All Report will Generate PDF and Excel.

7. User Transaction Log.

8. Ledger Report ( Bank Cash Book, Ledger Types, Ledger Groups, Ledger and Branch wise ).

9. Trial Balance.

10. Cost Of Revenue.

11. Profit Or Loss Account.

12. Retained Earning.

13. Fixed Assets Schedule.

14. Statement Of Financial Position.

15. Cash Flow.

16. Receive & Payment.

17. All Accounting Report You Can See Branch and Date Wise.

18. Unlimited Role Manage You Can Generate. There has No Boundary. Every Single Action Like Module Show, Create, Edit, Soft Delete, Trash Module Show, Restore and Permanently Delete You Can Set Permission.

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