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Online Crime Management System

Online Crime Management System is a website application which reduces the paperwork of the police station. The Objective of Crime Reporting System is to develop a web based program using which people can report crime online. It provides the facility of uploading images or videos of crime scenes to ensure that police may take action immediately. Here we can maintain, add and retrieve all the records like complaint record, criminal record, complaint record, most wanted criminal record, case history, many more in a single database system.

“Online Crime Report Management System” covers complete Case Management System and this project will help them to manage all activities of the main police station as well as substation. In this web application we can easily track all the complaint details, criminal details, FIR Details, Charge sheet records, Prisoner records, etc. and it is having some additional features to manage police station records, Online complaint application for police station.

Programming Language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL
  • Programming Server: Apache server
  • Database Server: MySQL Server
  • Software : XAMPP
  • IDE: Notepad++

Modules of Online Crime Management System

  • Cop Account Module:
    This module allows station admin to add all cop details like name, address, designation, etc into the system. This can also edit or modify..  Admin is the main user of the system. Cops has limited authority. Cops can login to the system by entering User Name and password. Different types of users like Inspector, Sup inspector, Constable, etc can be maintained in the system. Cops can update their profile details and they can change password.
  • Location Module:
    This module helps admin to store state, city records. Even admin can add police stationrecords for each station.
  • Complainer module:
    This module stores complainer profile details. Complainer needs to register to the system. After the login complainer can file or lodge complaint in the complaint section. Complainer can view complaint status, fir status, crime details, charge sheet details, etc.
  • Complaint Module:
    Any public members can file complaint through online by entering Complaint reason, evidence, complaint details, complaint type, etc. Even police department can file complaint from their account if anyone gives complaint directly by visiting police station. Complaint can be closed anytime if both parties agrees. If the complaint not closed in 2-3 days then the cops has right to add the complaint to FIR.
  • FIR Module:
    If complaint is cognizable then it goes to FIR. This module enters details of first investigation report(FIR).
  • Charge sheet Module:
    This module adds charge sheet details based on FIR.
  • Legal Case Module:
    Once the investigation like FIR, Charge sheet completes, all the details are submitted to the court. So the court hearing details will be added into the system.
  • Criminal Module:
    Once the court finalize the judgment it will be sent to the criminal Records list.
  • Criminal Module:
    This module send mail notifications to complaint registrar about complaint registration details, FIR report, Charge sheet report, Legal case report, and criminal report.

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