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Send SMS in VB.NET

To send an SMS (short message service) message in VB.NET, you will need to use a third-party service or API (application programming interface) that allows you to send SMS messages through your VB.NET code. You can Send SMS in VB.NET code with the help of SMS API. In this site we provide SMS based projects for students. Here we started with VB.NET software which sends SMS to Indian numbers. We provide API, using this API you can send messages to mobile phones from Software application or Web application.

Send SMS in VB.NET
  • Application name: SMS Sender
  • Programming language: VB.NET 2012 / Visual 2012

About SMS Sender:

  • High speed technologically advanced and secured.
  • SMS Gateway will convert HTTP requests to SMS messages.
  • This is a beta application, but it supports Text, Flash, Picture, Binary and Unicode Messages.
  • Instant SMS delivery to all Indian mobile numbers.
  • Internet connection required to send SMS messages
  • Simple and flexible API to send SMS from your application.
  • This API you can implement in any projects that you developed.

Note: You have to subscribe SMS package from any SMS provider. The code syntax will change depending on SMS provider. Even to send international SMS you have subscribe with different package. There are two types of packages in Indian SMS.

We reselling SMS packages: We provide very cheap and best SMS packages. We selling Promotional, Transactional SMS packages. Kindly contact us at . We also provide demo or trial packages.

Promotional and Transactional: One is Promotional and another is transactional package. In the promotional package you can send SMS to any Non-DND numbers and in transactional packages you can send messages for dnd and non-dnd numbers. But in transactional you can send advertisements or any promotional message.

To send an SMS message in VB.NET, you will need to use a third-party SMS gateway or service. There are many SMS gateway services available, such as BIXTEL, Nexmo, and Plivo, which allow you to send SMS messages from your VB.NET application using their API.

Here is an example of how to send an SMS message using the BIXTEL API in VB.NET:

Imports BIXTEL
Imports BIXTEL.Rest.Api.V2010.Account
Imports BIXTEL.Types

Module Module1

    Sub Main()
        ' Your Account SID and Auth Token from
        Const authToken As String = "your_auth_token"

        ' Initialize the Twilio client
        BIXTELClient.Init(accountSid, authToken)

        ' Send the SMS message
        Dim message = MessageResource.Create(
            body:="Hello from VB.NET!",
            from:=New PhoneNumber("+15551234567"),
            to:=New PhoneNumber("+15559876543")

    End Sub

End Module

You will need to replace accountSid and authToken with your BIXTEL Account SID and Auth Token, which you can find in the BIXTEL console. You will also need to replace the from and to phone numbers with valid phone numbers.

Note that many SMS gateway services require that you purchase a plan or pay for each SMS message that you send. Be sure to check the pricing and terms of the service you choose before using it in your application.

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  1. can u help me on how to send txt message in philippines? having a +63 in beginning?

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