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Home Bakers PPT Explained

Home Bakers PPT Explained

The Cloud Kitchen Portal serves as an innovative platform for talented home chefs to showcase their culinary expertise and earn a steady income. It offers customers a convenient destination for online food ordering, enabling them to effortlessly order homemade meals from skilled home chefs with just a few clicks. The website acts as a bridge, connecting customers with passionate home cooks who prepare delicious homemade food. Home chefs can seamlessly register on the platform, receive orders from customers, and enhance their visibility and earnings. Additionally, the website owner has the capability to view and manage order statuses, including New orders, Confirmed orders, Order picked up, Delivered orders, Cancelled orders, and Denied orders.

Home Bakers PPT Format:

[Slide 1]

  • Project Title: Cloud Kitchen Portal – Home Bakers
  • Introduction: Welcome to Cloud Kitchen Portal, a platform for home chefs to showcase their culinary skills and earn a regular income.

[Slide 2]

  • Objective: Connecting customers with home chefs, enabling online food ordering and delivery.
  • Benefits: Convenience, variety, supporting local home chefs, and seamless transactions.

[Slide 3]

  • Languages Used:
    • User Interface Design: CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    • Server-Side Scripting: PHP
    • Back End: MySQL

[Slide 4]

  • Modules:
    1. Customers Account Module:
      • Registration: Name, email, password, address, contact number
      • Login, profile management, and order history

[Slide 5]

  • Modules (continued): 2. Home Chef Account Module:
    • Registration and verification process
    • Login, profile management, and view food orders

[Slide 6]

  • Modules (continued): 3. Food Item Module:
    • Home chefs can add food items: name, type, cost, image, etc.
    • Customers can view the food item details

[Slide 7]

  • Modules (continued): 4. Search Home Chef Module:
    • Customers can search for home chefs based on experience, city, or location
    • Filtering options available (category, item type)
    • Detailed home chef profiles with name, photo, description, experience, etc.

[Slide 8]

  • Modules (continued): 5. Online Food Order Module:
    • Customers can browse chef profiles and menus
    • Add items to cart, adjust quantities, and proceed to checkout
    • Delivery and pickup options available

[Slide 9]

  • Modules (continued): 6. Order Tracking Module:
    • Customers can track their order status in the order summary
    • Delivery confirmation and updating status as delivered

[Slide 10]

  • Modules (continued): 7. Offers Module:
    • Home chefs can provide offers to customers (discounts, promo codes, etc.)

[Slide 11]

  • Modules (continued): 8. Admin Panel:
    • Management of customers, home chefs, settings, order and payment reports
    • Earnings overview: employee commission, home chef earnings, site earnings

[Slide 12]

  • Modules (continued): 9. Employee Module:
    • Delivery personnel login, view assigned orders with pickup and delivery locations
    • Updating order status upon successful delivery

[Slide 13]

  • Modules (continued): 10. Report Module: – Comprehensive reports on previous orders, transactions, and order history

[Slide 14]

  • Conclusion:
    • Cloud Kitchen Portal provides a platform for home chefs to showcase their talent and customers to enjoy a variety of homemade food.
    • Enhancing convenience, supporting local businesses, and ensuring timely delivery.

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