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Flower Store Management System

Flower Store Management System

Flower Store Management System optimizes customer and employee reporting while utilizing powerful inventory management system. It is innovative and versatile Flower Store Point of Sale Software and Retail System will allow user to be comfortable with inventory and retail software needs. Purpose of this program is to reduce the paperwork and increase the productivity of the retail floral shops and independent florist. Instead of keeping orders and customer’s data on paper, it is stored on admin computer.

This software can be installed on Windows PC. This software built by florists, for florists. Our florist software lets you organize products, build a custom storefront, track and respond to orders and more all through a simple and easy-to-use interface. This software solution that helps businesses track inventory levels, generate sales reports, record customer billing information, and more. Running shop successfully requires taking orders, processing payments, keeping track of deliveries, keeping your customers happy, and making sure your stock moves fast. On top of all this, also need to make your incredible floral arrangements while keeping up with the local competition. Flowers Software is an all-in-one floral solution that is intuitive and easy-to-use. Our technology tracks costs, margins, payments, inventory, and sales while connecting our florists with supply partners worldwide.

Florist software provides a retail or e-commerce solution for managing florist store operations through an integrated, paperless shop management system. Florist software is a management system that facilitates and automates order entry, delivery, and back-office accounting to lower costs and increase sales specifically for florists. Florist software is geared towards small and mid-size businesses, but as it fine-tunes business operations, it can be scalable for any size shop. 

Programming Language:

Modules of Flower Store Management System

  • Delivery tracking: Keep track of on-time deliveries while managing the cost of having a delivery vehicle on the road.
  • Paperless billing
  • Data security

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