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Hotel Management System Project

Hotel Management System Project

Hotel Management System Project is to generate bills and item details to the customer. The software to be developed deals with creating a Hotel Management system which will automate the major hotel operations such as generating COD, billing and keeping track of records of daily transaction. Admin have the authority to control and modify the database. Without automation the management of the hotel has become an unwieldy task. The end users day to day jobs of managing hotel bills, income and expense will be simplified by a considerable amount through the development of this software.

The application should provide facilities for the administrator to keep daily records about the transaction taking place in the hotel. The application should provide efficient graphical user interface and should be flexible to use.

Programming Language

  • Front End : VB.NET
  • Back End : SQL Server

Users of Hotel Management System

  • Admin: Admin is solely authorized to control all the functions of the system. He enters the necessary information about the hotel.
  • Manager: The manager generates reports about daily transaction, COD, billings of the customer and submits to the admin.

Modules of Hotel Management System Project

  • Admin Module: Admin has a control over the whole project. This contains sub modules such as Admin login module, Employee module, Item Master, Report module and Discount module. Administrator can handle both the front end and back end process of the system.
  • User module: User can view only front end process of the system. In this module user can view the information of the employee. This contains sub modules like COD module, Bill module and Income and Expense module.
  • Employee module: This module contains information about all the employees, attendance and salary calculation based on the attendance.
  • Item Master module: This module contains price and description of the items available in the hotel.
  • Report module: This module consists of the information about day to day transaction of the hotel.
  • Discount module: This module contains the information about the discounts.
  • COD module: This module contains the information about the items ordered by the customer.
  • Bill module: This module contains the information about the total amount to be paid by the customer.
  • Income and expense module: This module contains the information about payable and receivable.

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