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Classified Website in ASP.NET

Classified Website in ASP.NET The main aim of the project is to develop a user friendly application which giving information of various fields. Here the user can search what type of information he wants. He can search the data and directly get the data. Similarly when the user wants to search the information for this he has to login as a user. For this he has to register in the site. And he has to provide a validate information. The user has to maintain a valid data and he has to provide accurate information .The user can search data in different fields. He has to use search option. Based on the search option he gets the results.


ADMINISTRATOR: An administrator has all the privileges that of the guest as well as the normal registered user. Along with these common features an administrator has the administrator related features such as creating new users and granting roles to those newly created users. The roles granted by the administrator cannot be changes by the user. An administrator can create new user as a guest or as a user or an administrator. The access levels are as per the grants done by the administrator.

An administrator can also be part of a team and could lead a project team this is possible only if administrator when building a team includes himself in the team section. If included as a manager he is not a part of the team but supervisor of the team.

The register option on the homepage of the application is provided only to register a new user as a guest.    

The major tasks done by the administrator is listed below.    

  • Users Login
  • New User Registration
  • Search Details.
  • Advertiser Details.
  • Securing the data
  • Advertiser Login

The Administrator has to provide the security to the information. For this administrator has to maintain different techniques.

User: The user has to provide accurate details in the registration form. The information will be help full for communicating. The administrator has to post the information to the users.

  • Login.
  • Search for ads.
  • Select any ads.
  • Contact the advertiser.

Advertiser: He is the person who uploads his items in to the site and display list of items he sells. His major tasks are

  • Login.
  • Post his details.
  • Choose items category.
  • Post his ads in it.
  • Provide details of items.

Classified Website in ASP.NET Software Requirements:

  • Operating System           :     Windows XP/2003 Server
  • Framework                     :      Visual Studio 2005.
  • Languages                       :      C#.Net, Asp.Net
  • Data Base                        :      SQL Server 2005.
  • Tools                               :      AJAX
  • Web Browser                  :       IIS 5.0

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