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Online Loan Management System

Online Loan Management System

In Online Loan Management System project customer can apply for loan through online. Customer need to enter loan applications through online. Staff or admin has authority to approve or reject loan applications. Customer can view their Loan account detail, Interest rate, repayment schedule details, etc. Customer can make loan payment through online. After the payment the system generates receipt with total paid amount and balance amount. The system calculates processing charge and late payment fee automatically. Administrator can view payment details, loan account details, pending payment details, terminated accounts, etc.

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Scope of the project:

  • This system is designed to easily maintain the data of the loan customers specifically. Customer can apply for loan without visiting bank.
  • Customer can apply for loan account through online. Customer needs to fill their requirements in loan application.
  • This system is made to keep the records about the customers who have taken a loan from a bank.
  • This system allows customers to make payment through online.
  • The administrator is the main user of this web application and he can add employee details, Loan types, penalty charges, etc.
  • Different kinds of Reports can be viewed.
Online Loan Management System

Languages used:

  • Front End: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  • Back End: MY SQL database server

Modules of Online Loan Management System

  • Customer Account module: This module stores customer account details with login credentials. After the login the customer can apply for loan. Customer can update his profile in the profile module and he can change password in the change password module.
  • Loan Application Module: In the loan application module customer can apply for loan by entering loan requirement details. The loan amount will be sanctioned after the manual verification.
  •  Loan Account Module: This module shows various loan accounts to the customer. Customer can view loan account details with total loan amount, paid amount , Balance amount, installment details, etc
  • Loan Payment Module: This module allows customer to make payment for his loan. Loan EMI will generate every month. Customer needs to pay for each and every term. The system generates payment receipt after loan payment.
  • Penalty Module: This module generates penalty for late payment. This calculates penalty for each and every day. The system adds other charges like Legal charges, Paper & document charges and other charges in the penalty.
  • Employee Dashboard Module: This module is for administrator and Employees to manage all activities of website. Administrator is having full authority of the website. Employees having limited authority of the website. Employees can view loan accounts, paid and unpaid customer report.
  • Settings module:- Only administrator can access this module. Administrator has a unique account with much special access permissions over normal users. In this module administrator or employee can manage the details of Loan types, Employees, processing fees, Delay payment charges, etc.
  • Report Module: In the report module Employee or admin can view Loan Payment Report, Loan Account Report, Pending Accounts report, and others.

Download Online Loan Management System:

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete source code with sample database
  • Complete project documentation
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  1. Can I have the link to your project for more details before making payment?

  2. I don’t have credit card or debit card. Even I am not indian. Can I pay through bitcoin

  3. Suppose if customer makes cheque payment what option available. I am asking because if cheque bounce then penalty charge should applicable

  4. I am willing to buy this project.. how the system calculates interest

  5. I have given some different name for database. Where can I change database name in source code.

  6. Manjunath Wagadari
    December 23, 2021 at 1:24 PM

    Best price with latest technology with excellent guidence for final year project . Go for it . Got lot of support by studentprojects team . Thank you.

  7. Hello, Myself Asare from Ghana. I have purchased this project but download link having some issue. I am not able to download it is showing download failure.

  8. Can I make the payment for this project through paypal?

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