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One-page under construction page

One-page under construction page

A one-page under construction page, also sometimes called a “coming soon” page, is a temporary webpage displayed to visitors when a website is not yet ready for launch or is undergoing maintenance. It acts as a placeholder while the actual website is being built or updated.


  • Informs visitors that the website is currently unavailable.
  • Sets expectations about the launch date or timeframe for when the website will be live.


  • Usually kept simple and clean, focusing on delivering the message effectively.
  • May incorporate elements of your brand identity like colors, fonts, and logos.
  • Can include a subtle animation or visual element to grab attention without being overwhelming.

Benefits of a One-Page Under Construction Page:

  • Improved User Experience: Provides a better experience for visitors than encountering a completely broken website.
  • Manages Expectations: Communicates the website’s status and sets expectations for launch.
  • Generates Interest: Can be used to build anticipation and excitement for the new website (coming soon page).
  • Lead Generation: Can capture email addresses of interested visitors through a signup form.

Overall, a well-designed one-page under construction page can be a valuable tool during website development or maintenance phases. This example uses basic HTML and CSS.

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