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Project synopsis format

A project synopsis is a brief summary of the main points of a project. It is typically used to provide a high-level overview of the project and its key objectives, and to give readers an understanding of what the project is about. Here is a suggested format for a project synopsis:

  1. Title: This should be a clear and concise title that summarizes the main focus of the project.
  2. Objectives: This should outline the main goals and objectives of the project, and explain why the project is being undertaken.
  3. Background: This should provide some context and background information on the project, explaining the need or problem that it is addressing.
  4. Methodology: This should describe the approach that will be taken to achieve the project objectives, including the research methods and data sources that will be used.
  5. Expected outcomes: This should outline the expected results or outcomes of the project, and how they will contribute to the overall goals of the project.
  6. Conclusion: This should summarize the main findings or conclusions of the project, and explain how they relate to the original objectives.
Project synopsis format

Project synopsis format

  1. Introduction Of Project
  2. Objective Of The Project
  3. Scope Of The Project
  4. Project Plan
  5. The Existing System
  6. Background Of The Organization
  7. Current Problems
  8.  Areas For Improvement
  9. Proposed System
  10.  Input/Output Requirement
  11. Hardware And Software Requirement
  12.  Database Requirement
  13. System Design
  14. Tables And Fields For Database
  15.  Database Dictionary
  16.  E-R Diagram
  17.  Level 0DFD
  18.  Level 1 DFD
  19.  Security Control
  20. Future Scope Of The Project
  21. Conclusion
  22.  Reference Or Bibliography

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Overall, the project synopsis should provide a clear and concise overview of the project, highlighting its key points and objectives. It should be written in a way that is easily understood by a wide audience, and should provide enough information to give readers a good understanding of what the project is about.

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