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Net Authentication System

This project use to develop a software, which manages and controls the activity of students by Net authentication System and this software is developed mainly concentrating on department Browsing center. The principal use of our application is to control unauthorized users and some sites restrictions. This is willing to give more security for accessing and browsing internet. This software mainly consists two parts which are Server side and Client side.

Server side: Here administrator will take all the controlling operations like Adding students to database and allotting hours to those students who are registered in server database, and also which controls the internet access by providing user login on client side through LAN. There browsing sites is also restricted by administrator. Once the admin has given  login ID and password to students they are allowed to access internet freely but there is time constraint for each student that is the allotted time and that should be used with in given dates otherwise it will expired .

Client side: Here the three types of users are allotted to access the internet they are students, staffs, nonstaffs .For all users they have been given particular user ID and password to login and use internet. If once login is failed they are not allowed to use internet until successful login. For students there is also time constraint with in that allotted time they have to use. But there is no time constraint for staffs and nonstaffs they can access unlimitedly but their login should be correct.


The following are the software requirement specification which are required to complete this project

  • Runtime Framework     : .NET Frame Work V 3.5
  • Front end (GUI)            :  MS Visual Studio 2008
  • Back end (Data Base)   :  MS Server 2005

A .NET authentication system is a software system that is used to verify the identity of users who are trying to access a .NET application or resource. It typically includes a login process that prompts users to enter their credentials, such as a username and password, and checks those credentials against a database of authorized users.

Some common features of a .NET authentication system include:

  1. User registration: This allows new users to create accounts and become authorized users of the system.
  2. Login process: This prompts users to enter their credentials and verifies them against the list of authorized users.
  3. Password management: This includes features such as password reset and recovery, as well as password strength requirements to help ensure the security of user accounts.
  4. Multi-factor authentication: This adds an additional layer of security by requiring users to provide more than one form of authentication, such as a password and a code sent to their phone.
  5. Role-based access control: This allows the system to grant different levels of access to different users based on their roles or permissions within the system.
  6. Audit logging: This feature tracks and logs user activity within the system, which can be useful for security and compliance purposes.

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  1. How should we assign the admin password user names??

  2. Deepak Vishwakarma
    October 4, 2015 at 7:39 PM

    no project report

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