Medical Information System

Medical Information System is a software application used to display medical information and also viewing the 3 years medical report at once and also searching for the reports. This software manages the operations like add,edit,delete,display,view and search for the medical information of an employee. It is the Standalone application developed using VB.NET and SQL Server 2008.

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The system can be decomposed into functional components as follows:

  • Login
  • Add Employee record
  • Edit Employee record
  • Delete Employee record
  • Display Employee record
  • View Employee report
  • Search Employee report

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Module Description

Login Module: Here we give the user name and password.

Add Module:  Here we enter the employee detail with medical information.

Modification Module: Here, only the Admin can make changes to the medical details.

Deletion Module:  Here, the expiered data is deleted.

Display Module:  Here, all the reports of a particular employee are displayed.

View Module: Here, the 3 years reports of a particular employee are viewed at once.

Search Module: Here, the reports of a particular employee are searched and displayed.

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Download project source code:

download link

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Note: The company names and examples we used in this just for testing purpose.

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