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Stock Control Program

A stock control program is a system that helps organizations track and manage their inventory levels and stock movements. The program typically includes tools for tracking the quantity and location of stock, forecasting future demand, and generating reports on stock levels and movements.

This is the simple Stock Control program developed in JAVA for Wine shop which is powerful, flexible,easy to use and is designed specially for wine shops and stores. This project manages stock details, Sales details, quantity details, etc. If it gives alert message if quantity is below 3 bottle. User must login to the application to update the record.

Stock Control Program

  • When the software opens it displays the Welcome page
  • Can display product information with description, price, manufactured year, available quantity, etc
  • Search for product current condition
  • Display product Quantity- Available quantity and out stock
  • Add or deduct the quantity of product
  • Alert if the quantity is below the alert point (i.e. below 3 bottle)
  • Commenting on the program

Front end : Java Program

Back end : MS Access database

No. of forms: 10

Database table:

Product info

  • Name of product
  • Origin
  • Year of the wine
  • Price
  • Quantity

Sales info

  • Sales name
  • Sales id

Some key features of a stock control program might include:

  • Inventory tracking: The program would include tools for tracking the quantity and location of stock, as well as tools for recording stock movements (e.g. when items are added to or removed from inventory).
  • Demand forecasting: The program might include tools for forecasting future demand for stock based on historical data and other factors.
  • Order management: The program might include tools for managing orders, including generating purchase orders and tracking deliveries.
  • Reporting: The program would likely include a range of tools for generating reports on stock levels, movements, and other inventory-related information.

Overall, a stock control program can help organizations improve the accuracy and efficiency of their inventory management processes and reduce the risk of stock-outs.

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  1. Why do you use MS-Access , better use mysql which is open source software.By the way can this be done as a Android application ?

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