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Car Sales System

The Objective of this Project is to develop Car Sales System, which allows the user to enter Car Details. For this the user need to access the Car Sales System application. Only user can able to access to enter the details of Cars. The maintenance of these details comes in to the task of administrator where he is responsible to maintain the details like Manufacturer, Year, Model, Price and KM traveled, Extra Information. These all things will be maintained by the system.

The system has two large functions for both Details of Cars and Searching for a Car. One is marinating the Car Details etc… and the other is administrating the searching mechanism for a car on Age, Price, and Traveled KM.
Here user can search Car by age. Provide search criteria to find the Car details and user can see all the records and User able to see the total information of all cars and details .Car Sales System should have good user interface with menus and tools bar.

Project title: Car Sales System


Processor : Intel Pentium or more.
Ram : 128 MB or more.
Cache : 512 KB.
Hard Disk : 16GB HDD recommended for primary partition.


Front Software: Swings
Languages: Java
Back End Software: Any Database(presently DAT File System)
Operating System: Windows 95/98 or later.


  1. Designing and Implementing Car Sales System

The aim of this module is to collect the data from the various Second Hand Car detail records and from the Franchise etc. and also is responsible for generating various consolidated reports about these entities. This module also takes inputs like Second Hand Car information, details and also generates reports for the commodities, which may be treated as an important tool for tracking the development of the organization.

  1. Designing and Implementing the Knowledge Base for Decision Making

This module takes in inputs form the user which include symptoms of Details like Car Model no, Traveled kilometers, etc which build up a knowledge base which is required by the system to automatically generate suggestions and messages to the users which he/she may use for system handling.

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  1. waw! it’s very good developers how can we improve the knowledge of all IT students

  2. I’m doing literature review on car sale management system, I would like to cite some authors work in my review. I’m requesting to see some of car sale systems you have

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