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Rice Mill Management System

Rice Mill Management System

Rice Mill Management System application provides a user friendly graphical interface. The central objective of the project is to reduce manual work and to maintain the industrial transactions. Only authorized users can access the application and administrator will have full control over the system. Information’s about industrial processes like purchase, stocks, sales, vehicle and machineries are maintained. Here the information could be tracked faster and easier than the existing manual system.

The Rice Mill industry Purchases the Raw-Materials from the registered traders and the Raw-Materials stock will get updated depending on the purchase. As the industry is mainly based on production of the Boiled Rice, Hulling process should be done. On production the Product Stock will get updated. During sales the industry may get any customer Purchase Order depending on the Order the Invoice will be generated. And the industry would like to have the information’s like Details and Expenses of the Vehicles and the Machines which are of the same industry that should be stored.

In this project the entire system is controlled by the Administrator and the user in this project with permission to handle only the day to day works.

Languages used

  • Front end :
  • Back end:  SQL

Modules of Rice Mill Management System

  • Employee module:  This module manages official staffs and    industrial workers information.
  • Registration:  Registration of  new official staffs and workers.
  • User Creation:  Creation of  account for the official staffs.
  • Attendance: Maintenance of daily official and worker  attendance.
  • Salary:  Generation of monthly salary for staff and weekly for workers.
  • Purchase module:  This module manages the purchase details   of the raw-materials.
  • Supplier Details:  Registration of the new supplier.
  • Purchase Details : Maintenance of purchased raw-materials  information’s.
  • Hulling module: This module generates the reports based on the input information of the raw-materials and output information of the products produced by the hulling process.
  • Stocks module:  This module manages the stocks of raw-materials purchased and produced products and generation of reports.
  • Vehicle module:  This module manages the information of vehicles, vehicle staffs and expenses.
  • Vehicle Details:  Maintenance of basic and documental information’s.
  • Vehicle Staffs:  Registration of vehicle staffs.
  • Vehicle Expenses:  Maintenance of vehicle expenses.
  • Sales module: This module maintains the selling details of the products and to generate the bills.
  • Machinery module: This module maintains  machine information, stocks of machines and expenses.
  • Machinery Expenses : Maintenance of grease applying details and V-belt expenses.  
  • Motor winding : Maintenance of details of mechanics to whom the motor is  handed over for repair.  
  • Machinery Stocks Maintenance of the motor stocks in-store and out-store.

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