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RTO Office Management System

This is RTO office management system project prepared for RTO office to maintain all records like 2 Wheeler registration, 3 wheeler registration, LMV, HMV, Learning licence and driving licence, Changing of address, Tax collection form, renewal form, vehicle transfer and many more. These are the main activities of RTO office. We developed this software application with fully computerized method to manage all the data. At present all records are maintained manually.

RTO Office Management System

  • This student project developed by students from DVS College, Shimoga.
  • This system will maintain and manage day to day operation very smoothly with minimum errors.
  • This software provides facility for searching a particular vehicles detail.
  • In all the forms we have created options to create New record, Save record, Modify, Delete, Find record and close button.
  • This source code of this software developed using Visual basic 6.0 and the backend is Microsoft Access driver.

Project modules:

  • Vehicle registration module: Two wheeler, Three Wheeler, Light motor Vehicle(LMV) and Heavy motor vehicle(HMV) and others. To register a vehicle through this software user has to provide all the details of vehicles including vehicle number, makers name, body type, Vehicle owner, address, chasis number, registration date, etc
  • Licence module: Learner licence, Driving licence, Changing address of licence. It has options to apply the license and renew the license.
  • Tax module: This module is used to entry the records of tax.
  • Renewal module: This module helps to renew vehicle registration records.
  • Transfer module: This is a vehicle transfer module which is used to change the ownership of the vehicle.
  • Project database: The name of the database is RTOData. It has 8 tables that is: COAMain, CVMain, DLMain, LLMain, MVMain, TaxMain, TWMain, VRMain.

Front End: Visual basic 6.0

Back End: Microsoft Access Driver 2003

Video Demostration:

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