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Temple Management System

Temple Management System

Temple Management System is highly scalable product for Hindu Temples. It offers a complete automation in billing and accounts, inventory, staff management and administration sections. It helps temple administrators to assure effective devotee service.

Temple Management solution is bundled with an excellent accounting package which enables easy operation and efficient reporting. It’s available with internet support to allow devotees to make online offerings, pooja bookings, and many more useful features.

Good management is the backbone of an efficient enterprise and a Temple need be no exception. TTMSTM can provide all the necessary hardware and software required for a good and efficient management of the Temple. Timely MIS reports and real time monitoring makes systems effective and efficient. A fully hosted browser based solution relieves the Temple management of routines like data storage and backup as well as updating of the software, adding new features and functionalities.

Everyone is born into this world for some reason, but they never know the same, but search for that thing, it is believed by everyone that that god is the one who makes everyone and resides with all to give them the path to pursue the life.

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Programming Lanuage:

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Main Goals of Temple Management System

  • Expanding the Horizon of HOLY SEVA of temple
  • Managing all activities of temple using technology
  • Centralization of database with reporting system
  • Controlling all activities using user module
  • Computerization of all financial Transaction
  • All Income and Expenses data will be computerized


  • Simple user interface to reduce operation time. Smart tab setting for complete keyboard control
  • Reduce data entries lead to eliminate chances for errors and reduce operator effort
  • SQL server and .NET technology allows to add multiple computers (data entry points) without more investment
  • Complete agile development practice ensures delivery of perfect software. Most of the customization will be done at the client premises. This enables clients to make changes during the time of development.
  • Time tested and reliable software which require less maintenance

Download Source code

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Download Link contains:

  • Project Source code with Database Backup

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  1. I have purchased this project. THe developer installed this project. But unfortunately my pc crashed. I have requested chat support to install it again. But they didn’t installed. They charged again for re installing this project in my pc. So I paid Rs. 500 extra for this.

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