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Home automation using Android

Home automation is the term used to describe the control of household appliances. Nowadays most of the people have smart phones with them. What if you are able to control the household appliances through the Android phone? It would be very interesting. Home automation system can be used to control the appliances like air conditioners, audio systems, video systems, lighting systems, kitchen systems, security systems and many more. People do not need to get up from their beds to on or off the light while watching movies. The home automation using Android will allow the people to control the AC temperature, switch on or off the lights, open the doors, windows, switch off the television etc.

Home automation using Android

With the increase in technology, the people are getting adapted to smart work than hard work. This home automation using Android will reduce the human labor. Sometimes it is very tiring to switch on or off the electrical appliances. The old aged and the handicapped people can benefit from this application since there is no need of human labor over here. They can operate it, without having to get up from their place.  You can also call the home with the home automation system as a smart home. This home automation system can also give the status of the electrical appliances in use. The input signal is sent to the electrical appliances through the home automation using Android which determines the task that particular appliance should do. This application can act as a television remote which is used to control the settings and to change over the channels. The GUI must be simple and easy to understand. It can be also applied in industries where the lighting devices can be controlled through this application. This is one of the interesting projects to work on.

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