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Online Charity Use Case Diagram

Online Charity Use Case Diagram

Here we shared Online Charity Use Case Diagram. Charities play an important role in building and improving society, as its aimed to provide help for a certain category In the society, but it face many problems and difficulties through achieving its objectives. one of these problems is having a difficulties in communication with the other associations and volunteers to share its events and activities. Also there is an important role for the volunteers in building and improving the society through their services and volunteer works which is considered supportive for charities, but volunteer’s efforts are scattered and there is no attention for it. Therefore, developers found that it is necessary to build a network which is gather charities and volunteers in one place, so that charities would be able to share its activates with other charities and volunteers, the volunteer also will be able to know about the charities activities and events in the suitable time to involve to it. The system is developed by using HTML, PHP, and MySQL.

Online Charity Use Case Diagram

Online Charity Use Case Diagram

We have share Online charity project with complete Source code and Project documentation. The source code is 100% working code and we provide dedicated support. Even the Project documentation contains Synopsis, SRS, System design, Database design, Detailed design, Coding, Testing, Conclusion, Screenshots of the project, Future scope, etc. The diagrams are CFD, DFD, Use case diagram, ER Diagram and many more.

The aim of this project is Create a website, electronic Charity that needy people can take advantage of a range of Donors can also offer their charity at the Charity Forum, which gives them the option of publishing on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Download Complete Project and documentation in following link:

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