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Alva’s College – BCA Project Report Format

Alva’s College – BCA Project Report Format

Alva's College - BCA Project Report Format

Alva’s College – BCA Project Report Format : Here we shared Alva’s College Final year BCA Project Report Format. This project report format contains Project synopsis format, SRS format, System design format, Detailed design structure, and complete final report format.

Important Notes for Project Work Sixth Semester BCA:

  1. Students are requested to furnish their name, project title, company name, complete postal address, phone number and email id in the register available with the department before leaving for the project work and collect the guidelines CD.
  2. Dept of CS reserves right to accept or reject a project based on students performance and relevance of the topic chosen.
  3. Students are requested to be in touch with the HoD / internal guide and keep informing about the progress of the project work periodically.
  4. Students are requested to present before the internal guide/ HoD when they are asked to do so. In case of failure or lack of response from students will summarily lead to the rejection of the project work for the current academic year.
  5. Students are requested to pay the university examination fee for the sixth semester BCA in time.

Total marks for Internal Assessment: 160

Total marks for Final Examination: 640

Sl.No Description Deliverables
1. Project Proposal Synopsis
2. Problem Analysis SRS Document
3. System Design System Design Document (Functional Modules Described), structured charts, DFD
4. Project Presentation Both the above for 40 + 40 Marks
5. Database design Schema Description, ER Model.
6. Detailed Design Module Logic in Structured English,
7. Internal Assessment Both the above for 40+ 40 Marks
8. Coding and Unit Testing Program Code Listing, Testing documents
9. Integration and Testing User Manual, Source code
 10. Readiness Project Documentation (Should include chapters – SRS, System Design, Schema Description, Module Design, User Manual) Project Report, PPT and Source code in CD media.

Alva’s College – BCA Project Report Format

  • Project schedule: Schedule of activities for Project Work VI Semester BCA – Download link
  • Synopsis: Sample Project Synopsis – Download link
  • SRS: Structure of a Requirements Document – Download link
  • System design: Structure of System Design Document – Download link
  • Detailed design: Structure of Detailed Design Document – Download link
  • Final report: Structure of the Project Document for Final BCA Project – Download link

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