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Online Vehicle Showroom

Online Vehicle Showroom

This project is aimed at developing a Web application that depicts Online Vehicle Showroom and booking vehicles through online. Customer can register to this site and he/she can book vehicles by entering his login information. Administrator is main user of this system and he can add employees, and new vehicle details. This is the website project developed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL database.

Online Vehicle Showroom provides provision to customers to buy or book vehicles through online. The current system is offline system, in this to purchase vehicle the customer should visit to showroom. So this current system is very difficult because its time consuming. So our project aims at creating an web application which tracks Customer records, Online booking, Online vehicle records, etc and it provides easy to use web based interface for customers where customers can search for vehicles, view a complete details, models, features, pricing of the vehicles and book the vehicles.

Video Demo of Vehicle Showroom Project:

Software Specifications:

  • Project Title : Web Based Vehicle Showroom
  • Language Used                       :   PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor)
  • Database                                 :   MySQL Database
  • User Interface Design             :   HTML, AJAX, Javascript, CSS

Project Modules of Online Vehicle Showroom:

  • Main and Login Page:  The main page, neatly designed page, here login option is provided to login. Also new signup option is provided to for new user to signup.
  • Vehicles page: This screen will display all the vehicle details, with exact cost, Features, Model details, etc.
  • Vehicle Selection Screen: This search screen Option must be provide to select the vehicles based on name. In this option customer can select vehicles based on its model.
  • Booking page: In this page user can book vehicles by entering cart information. After booking vehicles user will receive booked vehicles information via mail. This page also includes the details about the payment must be done by the customer during the time of delivery.
  • Admin Page: Administrator has full permission to access this web site. Here administrator can add new vehicle details, and he/she can add his employees.
  • Dealer Page: Dealers can handle customer details, and he/she can communicate with customers through mail. If customer forgets his password dealer can reset his/her password.

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with sample Database
  • Complete Project Documentation
  • Knowledgebase

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