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Web based Vehicle Showroom

Web based Vehicle Showroom

Web based Vehicle Showroom developed using PHP and MySQL. The main scope of this web application is that depicts online Vehicle showroom and booking vehicles through online. Customer can register to this site and he/she can book vehicles by entering his/her login information. Administrator is main user of thissystem and he/she can add employees, and new vehicle details.

  • The current system can be extended to allow the customers to register accounts and save favourite vehicles in to wish list.
  • The design of the web application involves the listing the vehicles, search for vehicles, display the complete details of vehicles, etc.
  • It provides updated information about the vehicles of all the companies.
  • Customer can view Purchase details and billing records any time.
Web based Vehicle Showroom
Home Page Screenshot

User Friendliness is provided in the web application with various controls provided by system Rich User Interface. This project which helps customers to buy or book vehicles through online. It keeps track of Customers records, Vehicle records, Payment and billing records, dealer records, etc. The system generates Invoice and bill after purchasing or booking of new vehicle. This is web application and it’s developing using PHP language. All the records stores in MySQL Database.

Programming Language

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Modules of Web Based Vehicle Showroom

    • INPUT: The username and password
    • PROCESS: The process is named as authentication the process check the accepted username and password
    • OUTPUT: If the inputs are valid the successful login is one and a new screen with links to respective page is displayed.
    • INPUT: inputs dealer details to create new account for dealer
    • PROCESS: validation of data.
    • OUTPUT:The system creates new dealer profilewith login ID and password.
    • INPUT: inputs the vehicle details such  as vehicle name, image, price, etc.
    • PROCESS:Calculate vehicle price and uploading image.
    • OUTPUT:The system uploads new vehicle details to database.
    • INPUT:The user creates new account and orders new vehicle.
    • PROCESS:Vehicle ordering and payment process
    • OUTPUT:The user orders vehicle and makes payment.

Video Demonstration

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  • Complete Source code with sample database
  • Complete project documentation

How to install this project

  • Download zipped file of Vehicle showroom.
  • Copy the file in xampp->htdocs folder.
  • Extract the file.
  • After extraction import the database in mysql after creating database.
  • In browser open the project.

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