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Automobile showroom management system

This Automobile showroom management system is the perfect software for Automobile sales and service dealers having Independent shop for Sales, Service and Spare Parts Management. This software is easy to operate with simple menu driven options. It has 5 modules that are: Spare parts module, Customer module, product stock module and Sales and Account module. This source code developed in Visual basic 6.0 and oracle is the back end of this software

Mainly this software provides following facilities:

  • User Login ID and password is used for identification of software users.
  • The administrator can add or edit customer records
  • It stores customer reports and billing reports

Software specifications:

An automobile showroom management system is a software application that helps automobile dealerships manage various aspects of their business, including sales, inventory, financing, and customer relationship management. Some key features of an automobile showroom management system might include:

  • Sales management: This includes tools for tracking sales leads, managing customer interactions, and processing sales transactions.
  • Inventory management: This includes features for tracking the availability and location of vehicles in the showroom, as well as tools for forecasting future demand and managing stock levels.
  • Financing: This includes tools for processing financing applications, calculating loan terms, and tracking payments.
  • Customer relationship management: This includes features for storing and organizing customer information, as well as tools for managing customer interactions and communication.
  • Reporting: This includes a range of tools for generating reports on sales, inventory, financing, and other aspects of the business.

Overall, an automobile showroom management system can help automobile dealerships streamline their operations and improve their efficiency and profitability.

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