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Fitness Club Management system Project Report

Fitness Club Management system Project Report

The project Fitness Club Management system will be about developing a new website (website working in mobile platform) for fitness club company to be able to move their business online and to increase the availability, affective and efficiency of the business processes. In addition, customers can view the products of the company provided with a gallery that has a photo of the fitness club from inside and all the equipment they going to use. The customers can be any company office employees who want to join the fitness club or any.

The process of the IS will be firstly, the customer needs to register to the website to get his username and password to be able to access the website in the login page. The record of the customer will be saved in database and for each customer will have a unique registration number, and then the customer can view the list of classes which will move him to page of that particular class to view so he can read information about this class and show the timings of class and payment information. Also, there will be the price of the classes so they can decide which class they should take. Once they select a class to join, it will show them a list of possible methods of payment: visa credit card (online) or cash. If they pay online they will get invoice that calculate the price for the number of months they want to be member the fitness club, class guider, duration of every class. In addition, the system will have offer page which include discounts and promotions for the product so the customer can keep in touch with company’s offers and he can suggest his friends to join. Furthermore, the system will generate report to the managers to help them in marketing forecast to check which class timings most selected by customers and which fitness machine they like to use.

The purpose of the website to use IS and IT to support the company business and to reduce the consumption of paper. In addition, to develop a system that can improve of the business function and involve the customer to use the system. Provide easy way to customer to save time and take easy decisions to join the fitness club referring through online information system. Increase the profitability of the company and be able to compete with their competitors.

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Fitness Club Management system

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