Cable TV Billing Portal

Web application Cable TV Billing PortalCable subscriber management system. Through this web app, Internet and Cable TV users can pay their monthly subscription. Mainly this project is useful for Cable Operator to maintain cable accounting automated and simpler. Using this customer can make cable TV payment and they can view their current subscription packages through online. New customers can subscribe to cable connections by entering their registration details.

This project will make entire cable billing system automated and simpler. Cable owners or cable operators can use this web application. This project will handle day to day transaction report. The system generates monthly cable bill automatically. Customer can view monthly generated bill and they can pay full amount/half amount.

There are three types of users using this system. They are Admin, operator and Customer. Admin is having full privilege of the website. Only admin can add area records and tariff settings. Operators can collect payment from customer and he can add new customers detail. The system generates various kinds of billing, payment, transaction report.

Currently the software contains following features:
  • Maintaining customer records.
  • Maintaining customer tariff details.
  • Maintaining Area details.
  • Maintaining monthly bill calculation and payment report.
  • Online payment method for customers.

CFD of Cable TV Billing Portal

Cable TV Billing Portal cfd

Top Level DFD

Cable TV Billing Portal DFD

Tools and Softwares

Following tools used to develop the project:

  • Software  :  XAMPP 1.8.2
  • Server : Apache server 2.4.7
  • Language used : PHP 5.4
  • Database : MYSQL server 5.5
  • User interface design : HTML, AJAX, JavaScript
  • Web browser : Mozilla, Google chrome, Internet explorer
  • IDE : Notepad++

There are three types of users in this system. They are:

  • Administrator: The administrators are the main users with full authority who handles complete website information.
  • Cable operators: Cable operators can manage their customers, connections, set-top boxes information, billing, collections & other important aspects of their business, with ease.
  • Customers: The customers are the subscribers of the cable TV. The customers can make payment through online by entering amount and payment details.

Modules of Cable TV Billing Portal

  • Customer account module
  • Area and location module
  • Tariff module
  • Billing module
  • Payment module
  • Report module
  • Dashboard module

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