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Mobile Recharge Store

This is Mobile Recharge Store project to manage sales and inventory records of mobile shop.  This project mainly concerned with the sales and purchase of mobile currencies of mobile shop. This software is for franchisee or dealers of mobile shop. The dealer will purchase currencies from Main companies and selling to the people or other sub dealers. This project is developed using Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle is the backend of this project. [themepacific_divider style=”solid”]

About Mobile Recharge Store

This is very user friendly and anyone can use our software easily. There is no complicated options or operations in this software. For any operation the dealer can choose from menu. For purchasing purpose dealer can choose purchase menu. In this project it has 4 main options i.e; Suppliers information, Purchase module, retailer module and Sales module. For seeing details of suppliers click on suppliers information on menu. To purchase go to purchase. For Sales purpose choose sales menu. To check the retailer information you can click on retailer module. User can check stock details by entering stock menu. There is a report menu you dealer can generate all kinds of the reports.[themepacific_divider style=”solid”]

Database tables: Oracle is the backend of the project and this project has 8 tables. The tables are:

  • users : This is to store users of the software
  • supplier : This is to store supplier details.
  • stock : This is to store stock details
  • retailer: This stores retailer records.
  • sales_mast : This is the master table which contains sales details.
  • sales_child : This table stores sales details.
  • pur_mast : This is the master table which contains purchase details.
  • pur_child : This table stores purchase details.[themepacific_divider style=”solid”]

Project languages:

Front End: Visual Basic 6.0

Back End: Oracle

Note: The database tables are in the tables folder. Configure the database settings in Module1 page.

Here is the connection string:

Public cn As Connection
Public A As String

Public Sub conn()
Set cn = New Connection
With cn
    .CursorLocation = adUseClient
    .Provider = "MSDASQL"
End With
cn.Open "Dsn=Basavaraj;Uid=Basu;Pwd=Basu;"
End Sub

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  1. Can u please tell me how to configure the database

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